Monday, April 21, 2003

Gimme a Break

The Minute Man thinks he's caught me in a contradiction. Jesse answers it pretty well, but let me just add one thing. I never claimed that all Republicans shared the views of the Savage Weiner. And, when he's simply on his radio show I don't even think he provides a public face (so to speak) for Republicans. But, when he's on a "respectable" (hah) news channel like MSNBC, representing the "Right," then he does.

I wasn't arguing that people like the Minute Man had a greater moral obligation than me to protest Savage's show - I just think they have a greater practical one. If Paul Begala or James Carville started ranting about the Zionist Banker Conspiracy, I'd be screaming at CNN to take them off the air NOW because like it or not they represent "me."

On the other hand, if bigotry sells as well as it seems, maybe I'm wrong about the practical concerns...