Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Shocking Allegation

From Newsweek's Christopher Dickey on Fresh Air today. At about minute 32.
Now, in the summer of 2004 we are in much greater danger. Because, by pushing too far, by rushing into the war, and it's still not clear what the agenda was for this war. Why were we in such a rush in March of 2003 to go to war. Was it because Saddam was refusing to cooperate? It wasn't up to the United States to determine that - the terms of the Resolution were clear. It was up to Hans Blix to say 'he is in material breach again and we will go to the security council.' We couldn't wait for that. We had to go to war I think probably because of the administration's concern about the domestic political agenda."

Step back a minute and think about what he's saying. The Middle East regional editor of Newsweek says, rather nonchalantly, that the administration went off to war for domestic political purposes. What's shocking is that this isn't shocking. Especially, you know, given the sacrifices that have been made for the Bush '04 election campaign.