Monday, October 05, 2015

Relentless Pressure

Or how about laws? Really don't think the threat of being left off George Osborne's Christmas party list is quite enough. WE WILL PRESSURE THEM WITHOUT USING THE POWERS WE ACTUALLY HAVE AS NEAR-DICTATORS OF A COUNTRY.
U.K. Energy Secretary Amber Rudd pledged to be “relentless” in putting pressure on energy utilities to deliver fairer prices to consumers.
Too many consumers suffer from “woeful” service from gas and power suppliers, Rudd said Monday in a a speech to the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, northwest England. She said she would give the Energy Ombudsman additional powers to investigate “systemic issues in the industry, not just individual complaints.”
“We will be relentless in putting pressure on companies to improve how they treat their customers,” Rudd said. “Where companies have developed a pattern of bad behavior, they will have no hiding place. We are on the side of consumers, we are doing this so consumers receive better treatment and we can build more trust in the industry.”