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Everything Is AI

I knew it was ridiculous at the time, but do you remember awhile back when all those tech geniuses were "freaking out" about the coming singularity that they were creating and "worrying" that they were about to activate Skynet?

The hype machine worked, and everything is AI now.

About Our New Boss

Funny stuff from the Post.
LONDON — The alleged offense was trying to steal a soon-to-be-released copy of former prime minister Tony Blair’s memoir.

The suspect arrested by London police in 2010 was John Ford, a once-aspiring actor who has since admitted to an extensive career using deception and illegal means to obtain confidential information for Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper. Facing potential prosecution, Ford called a journalist he said he had collaborated with repeatedly — and trusted to come to his rescue.

That journalist, according to draft book chapters Ford later wrote recounting his ordeal, was Robert Winnett, a Sunday Times veteran who is set to become editor of The Washington Post later this year.

Also Associated With "Popularism"

Eugenics cult.!
Multiple events hosted at a historic former hotel in Berkeley, California, have brought together people from intellectual movements popular at the highest levels in Silicon Valley while platforming prominent people linked to scientific racism, the Guardian reveals.

But because of alleged financial ties between the non-profit that owns the building – Lightcone Infrastructure (Lightcone) – and jailed crypto mogul Sam Bankman-Fried, the administrators of FTX, Bankman-Fried’s failed crypto exchange, are demanding the return of almost $5m that new court filings allege were used to bankroll the purchase of the property.

During the last year, Lightcone and its director, Oliver Habryka, have made the $20m Lighthaven Campus available for conferences and workshops associated with the “longtermism”, “rationalism” and “effective altruism” (EA) communities, all of which often see empowering the tech sector, its elites and its beliefs as crucial to human survival in the far future.
A Real Journalist (not me) needs to do the deep reporting about how many people (some of your faves!) were corrupted by Sam and the gang before FTX imploded.


Once again.

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Sunday Night

 Rock on.

Is It Any Wonder The Monkey's Confused

Remember the Rafah red line

Israel-Gaza live updates: IDF to begin daily 'tactical pause' along Gaza aid route Military action will be paused on the route from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Israel said.

When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu heard the reports on Sunday about a daily "tactical pause" along an aid route, he contacted his military secretary and made it clear that this was unacceptable to him, an Israeli official told ABC News. 

After an inquiry, the prime minister was informed that there was no change in Isreal Defense Forces policy and that the fighting in Rafah would continue as planned, the official said. 

IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari released a statement in Hebrew shortly after announcement saying the pause will affect a single aid route.

"There is no cessation of fighting in the southern Gaza Strip, and the fighting in Rafah continues," Hagari said. "Also, there is no change in the introduction of goods into the Gaza Strip."


Someone reminded me that I used to call Ross Douthat "Chunky BoBo" or "Pastor Chunky BoBo" (BoBo being David Brooks) and I thought that was funny!


A lot of people have fertility struggles and having a quiverfull-adjacent movement wrapped up with an anti-abortion movement is, well, problematic.

These people generally resolve this by being confident in the knowledge that their hearts are pure, that wanting babies (destroying embryos through IVF) is different than not wanting babies (destroying embryos through abortion), and that this should be good enough. But the leaders and the movement are not the same.

The Forever Beat

A US journalist could spend a lifetime opening the box that is UK journalism and documenting all the Eldritch Horrors that spill out.
The publisher and incoming editor of The Washington Post used fraudulently obtained phone and company records in newspaper articles as journalists in London, according to a former colleague, the published account of a private investigator and an analysis of newspaper archives.

Will Lewis, The Post’s publisher, assigned one of the articles in 2004 as business editor of The Sunday Times. Another was written by Robert Winnett, whom Mr. Lewis recently announced as The Post’s next executive editor.
This piece does not really provide the full dimensions of the "phone hacking scandal" generally, which is sort of shorthand for a whole set of horrors.


Sunday funday.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Saturday Night

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Afternoon Thread

Doing some weekending, as is the tradition.

Are People OK

I'm stupid and don't really have the vocabulary of basic psychology and neuroscience, but I occasionally think about just why THE METAVERSE had such an appeal to Zuckerburg and others. Plenty of things in tech these days are just fraud, but I'm reasonably sure Zuck thought putting tens of billions into that would produce something amazing.. and that something would be like Holodeck 1.0.

I'm just not sure how functioning humans thought the experience as it was hyped - legless Zuck floating near the Eiffel tower, or whatever - was in any way that immersive reality they craved. There's some fundamental perception and reality disconnection that I can't comprehend.

An inability to distinguish between what I see, what others see, and what I imagine. Or something.  Like I said I'm stupid...

Ah, Well, Nevertheless

Mission Accomplished?
The U.S.-built aid pier will be detached from Gaza’s coast for a second time due to rough seas, two U.S. officials said Friday, raising further questions about the viability of the sea route.
I suspect it won't return.


Slacker Saturday.

Friday, June 14, 2024

Friday Night

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Happy Hour

Get happy.

Political Journalism

Often as bad as its harshest critics claim.

Poor Emma (of Politico). She probably got herself kicked out of the group chat for that.

Sounds Bad

Probably bad.
Over 2 feet of rainfall was recorded over the past 72 hours at Miami-Dade College - North Campus. Over 20 inches of rain was clocked at Miami-Dade College - Hialeah Campus, over 19 inches in the Everglades, over 18 inches at the University of Miami and 13.51 inches at Miami Beach.

South Florida has been drenched in a deluge that started Tuesday into Wednesday, with a brief break on Thursday before more rain pounded down. This week’s downpour forced flight cancellations at airports, residents to abandon cars in high water and the rescue of locals from flooded vehicles and homes.