Friday, June 18, 2021

Any Excuse Will Do

This one has the racism dog going BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK but Republicans always find some dumb reason, like a mean tweet, to not support what they weren't going to support anyway.
Basically, Manchin is holding the reins on the issue — in a 50-50 split Senate, the entire Democratic Party has become beholden to him and his red lines. So it was very bizarre and unsubtle Thursday when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and his Republican colleagues decided to start referring to Manchin's proposal as the "Stacey Abrams substitute."
They do like humiliating their very good friend, Joe Manchin.

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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Happy Hour Thread

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Is Salena Zito A Producer There Now

The sampling method for any vox pops is always a bit suspect, but in conservative media they're often just portraying GOP insiders as regular folks.

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The Even Better Stuff

(We can have a long discussion about what improvements we should prioritize in fantasy land, but this is a pretty good one)

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The Good Stuff

And it is good, but Dem presidents need to aim higher than, "rolling back the shit the last guy did."
The U.S. Education Department said Wednesday that the federal law that bans sex-based discrimination in education extends to gay and transgender students, the latest move in a broad effort by the Biden administration to roll back Trump-era restrictions on transgender students’ rights.


Get the smart law talking stuff from the smart law talkers, but ACA is still alive because the plaintiffs have no standing.

(in general hate the "no one has standing for anything" but above my pay grade).

Thursday Is New Jobless Day

412K new lucky duckies.

Still high!


One (of many) annoying thing about Republicans spending decades LOVING THE TROOPS AND COPS (only Jake Tapper loves THE TROOPS more), is that we know how conservatives see "the help."

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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The Most Powerful Beings In The Universe

Okay, they aren't superheroes or Gods, but as people on planet Earth go, the top 100 or so Democrats in government are some of the most powerful people there are. It is maddening when they choose to feign powerlessness.

I know I'm repeating myself here, or finding different ways to say the same thing anyway, but when they're the ones who can push back on some very nasty things. And they're the only ones who can before it's too late.

Also do some good stuff!

Show Me 10 Republicans

Really don't care to follow what Manchin or other "centrists" propose or endorse, because if they can't get 10 Republicans, it doesn't matter. Unless they're willing to nuke the filibuster, of course.

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America's Worst Humans

George Packer

Backlashing Backlashing Backlashing Our Way Away From Freedom

Just invented narratives used as weapons.
Ultimately, the case against Boudin rests on two assumptions: that crime in the city has exploded and that Boudin isn’t charging people at the rate his predecessors did. And neither of those assumptions is true. There’s also little evidence that progressive policies such as ending cash bail or refusing to charge low-level offenses have anything to do with the spike in violence nationwide. The 2020 figures are expected to show a homicide surge coast to coast, in rural areas and urban areas, in jurisdictions with both reform-minded radicals and law-and-order stalwarts in the DA’s chair.

It’s also worth noting that the people most affected by these policies seem to be okay with them. Last month, despite media speculation that the city’s escalating murder rate would hurt him politically, Philadelphia voters reelected reformist DA Larry Krasner last month by nearly a 2-to-1 margin. The gap was even higher in high-crime areas. Chicago’s top prosecutor Kim Foxx was also reelected in November, as was St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. Both faced elevated homicide rates and vocal opposition from police unions.

A Foolproof Plan That Could Not Possibly Have Any Negative Consequences

And over and over and over and over...
"The Biden administration is looking forward, not back," said House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Gregory Meeks, D-N.Y., whose panel once considered subpoenaing Trump’s interpreter to testify about his July 2018 meeting with Putin in Helsinki, Finland, where only an American interpreter was also present.

Spread The Blame Around

A lot of politicians love our the worst parts of Congress beacause it allows the blame to be spread around when things fail, and to pretend to support things you don't. Vote for things you know don't have any chance of passing. When you need 50 votes, blame Manchin, when you need 60, blame the Republicans. The President can say he wants Congress to do it, Congress can say the president has authority. And on and on and on.

The reasons aren't always excuses, but if you take on the responsibility for leading things, you have taken on the responsibility for getting things done. There are carrots and sticks, and while no one is all powerful, if Chuck Schumer isn't promising to shit in Joe Manchin's Buick (or offering to move the Pentagon to Wheeling), he isn't doing all he can.

Another problem is we have driven out all the good political corruption and replaced it with the bad kind. Good political corruption is "shower money for infrastructure on my districts and state and I will play ball." Bad political corruption is... I whatever the fuck is going on right now.

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