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Sure Why Not

Just for fun.
A group of Russian Navy ships, including a nuclear-powered submarine, arrived in Cuba on Wednesday morning in a sign of strengthening ties between the two Cold War allies.

Happy Hour

Get happy.


I don't think I have to waste my beautiful mind expending effort to explain why this is beyond stupid.
AI could change polling. AI can offer the ability to instantaneously survey and summarize the expressed opinions of individuals and groups across the web, understand trends by demographic, and offer extrapolations to new circumstances and policy issues on par with human experts. The politicians of the (near) future won’t anxiously pester their pollsters for information about the results of a survey fielded last week: they’ll just ask a chatbot what people think.

America's Worst Senator

Rand Paul.

Consensus Dream

I'm not going to listen and maybe it is a perfectly reasonable conversation, but why are issues so often presented in this fashion? As if the goal of politics is to get us to agree rather than a method for resolving disagreements without violence, as a way of choosing policies despite disagreements which always exist?


WHY CAN'T JOE BIDEN UNIFY THE COUNTRY??? type of thing. There is never this imagined "unity," just, at times, a desire by the people with the microphones to ignore disagreements, and at times a desire to amplify them.

I Suppose You Have To Have Some Weird Respect For That

I mean it's stupid and it doesn't make him good, but it's certainly easier to fake a bit of contrition for a lighter sentence!

There Are Simpler Ways Of Doing These Things

I know this stuff is a bit above my pay grade, but you don't need the computing and power demands of LLMs to consult a recipe database with a pleasing UI, and the latter is likely to give you decent results instead of telling you to use glue as an ingredient because the LLM "read" some reddit shitposts.
Apple struck a deal with OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, to support some of its A.I. capabilities. Requests that its system can’t field will be directed to ChatGPT. For example, a user could say that they have salmon, lemon and tomatoes and want help planning dinner with those ingredients. Users would have to choose to direct those requests to ChatGPT, ensuring that they know that the chatbot — not Apple — is responsible if the answers are unsatisfying. Sam Altman, the chief executive of OpenAI, attended the Apple event.
This is Apple putting some distance between themselves and the product, though I don't know they why're bothering at all.

What Is Happening Here

Full transcript actually does show the absolute absurdity of this.
BLITZER: 14 to nothing with one abstention. That would be Russia. President Biden says this ceasefire plan is Israel's but Prime Minister Netanyahu hasn't publicly accepted it, neither has Hamas. President Biden has said it's time for this war to end. What will this resolution, Ambassador, do to get both sides to accept this deal that's currently on the table?

THOMAS-GREENFIELD: I think the resolution is actually the opportunity to pressure Hamas to accept the deal. Israel has accepted the deal. The president has said that. And now all we need is to have Hamas accept this deal, release hostages that they are required to do in phase one, and move forward on an extended ceasefire. This is an important effort that was made with the support of the Qatari government and the Egyptian government working with us on the ground.

BLITZER: As you say, you say the Israeli government has accepted this deal that's currently on the table, but does the Israeli leader, Prime Minister Netanyahu, need to accept it himself? He's avoided that.

THOMAS-GREENFIELD: Look, I can't speak for Prime Minister Netanyahu. I can only speak what the president has conveyed, and he has conveyed confidence in the Israeli acceptance of this deal. What we need now is Hamas to accept the deal. They welcomed the resolution immediately after it was passed. They need to take the next step and accept the deal and start to release hostages.


Once again

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Tuesday Night

Rock on.

Happy Hour

Get happy

Hot Takes

Political reporters have one little problem: they hate Kamala Harris.  If they liked her then the "push Biden out" reporting/punditry would have reached Dean Scream levels of insistence months ago.

(extra funny as "Bartlet not dropping out despite major health issues" was a big West Wing plot!)

Biden's Deep State Gets Another One

I really don't have any deep thoughts on the Hunter Biden guilt verdict.. Over to you!




Rolling Stone:
When Windsor tells Mrs. Alito she is being persecuted and depicted as “a convenient stand-in for anybody who’s religious,” the justice’s wife gets quieter, and her tone turns more serious: “Look at me, look at me. I’m German. I’m from Germany. My heritage is German. You come after me, I’m gonna give it back to you. And there will be a way — it doesn’t have to be now — but there will be a way they will know. Don’t worry about it. God — you read the Bible. Psalm 27 is my psalm. Mine. Psalm 27, the Lord is my God and my rock. Of whom shall I be afraid? Nobody.”
Kathleen Parker in the Washington Post:
Martha-Ann’s flag, first hoisted at her home a few days after Jan. 6, initially sparked only the ire of a neighbor. Perhaps the neighbor has reason to dislike Martha-Ann, who is funny, feisty, unfiltered and the life of any party, according to mutual friends and my limited impression of her.


Do we think Donnie is going to show?


With Trump as the leader of your political movement, what does this even mean?
Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. told a woman posing as a Catholic conservative last week that compromise in America between the left and right might be impossible and then agreed with the view that the nation should return to a place of godliness.

“One side or the other is going to win,” Justice Alito told the woman, Lauren Windsor, at an exclusive gala at the Supreme Court. “There can be a way of working, a way of living together peacefully, but it’s difficult, you know, because there are differences on fundamental things that really can’t be compromised.”
It means the same thing that it's always meant, but I'd like some journalists who spent years writing about "Values Voters" to explain it.

Monday, June 10, 2024

Monday Night

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