Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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Sounds Bad

 I'm reading The Ministry for the Future now and, well, this is probably bad!

Global temperatures hit the highest levels in recorded history on Sunday, according to preliminary data from Europe’s top climate monitor — another worrying sign of how human-caused climate change is pushing the planet into dangerous new territory.

The Tragic Flaw

There is a tragic flaw in our precious constitution, and I don't know what can be done to fix it. This is it: Only nut cases want to be president. ― Kurt Vonnegut
I'm not picking on Harris here, but I admit I can't imagine anyone - especially a POC woman - saying yes, yes, that is something I want to do.

Again - that isn't a criticism of her!

The contemporary corollary to that is you have to be some previously unobserved form of crazy to want to be Donald Trump's running mate. 

Heckuva Job

The new Philly mayor basically sucks and this kind of "not thinking anything through" is a good example of precisely how.
Instead of using the city’s desk hoteling system, where hybrid workers shared desks on different days of the week, he was assigned to a cramped conference room in City Hall.

There were six electrical outlets along the walls, far away from where workers were expected to sit. And nine people from different teams were assigned to the room.
She forced city workers to return to the office without any real plan for exactly what that would mean, or any consideration of the very real advantages of working from home (for some people and purposes).




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I am still amused at how the instant pundit reaction (including from many of your favorite "Democratic Strategists") was that Trump's shooting would CHANGE EVERYTHING and mean THE DEMOCRATS COULD NO LONGER CRITICIZE HIM BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE INCITING VIOLENCE and THAT PICTURE WOULD BE ICONIC FOR THE AGES.  It was like 10 days ago and "we've" all forgotten. 

Of course the attempted assassination of a major political figure is a big deal, but in a world of near-daily mass shootings it isn't as big of a deal as it might have been once upon a time. Remember when that guy opened fire on a congressional baseball game almost killing dozens? You barely do!

There's nothing these people want more than to hold solemn roundtables about the yearning for "national unity" or some shit despite, well, the reality of everything!  

I Am A Failure

The election of Trump in 2016 was a bit of a disappointment, but so was the response by every liberally-leaning engaged person to throw all their money into New York Times subscriptions thinking they were going to save us. The Times ran an opportunistic ad campaign after the election feeding that idea and people responded by opening their wallets. Maggie Haberman thanks you!

I don't think there's one correct model of journalism. Opinion journalism is fine, ideological journalism fine, crusading issue journalism is fine. It can all be good, including the American "balanced" model of journalism that most mainstream publications/outlets claim they aspire to.

However, one problem (there are a few) with the "balanced" model is it's easy to smuggle in an agenda behind it and claim your critics are just mad you aren't supporting THEIR agenda (over 20 years of hearing this). And Dash Sulzberger, the latest failson in the long line of a failed inbreeding experiment, has clearly - more than his predecessor - embraced agenda journalism, pushing specific issues in a "flood the zone" coverage, with little balance in the coverage or concern for maintaining an illusion of appropriate proportionality.

The problem isn't that the paper is doing that, precisely, the problem is that they're doing that while hiding behind their reputation and claimed model of journalism. I mean, they're just lying to you and to critics daily, implicitly and explicitly, about what they are. That's a problem!

tl;dr fuck that fucking newspaper.



Monday, July 22, 2024

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Summer Fundraiser Day 2 - Evening Edition!

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These fucking people.

Childless Cat Ladies

Quite a few of those.
When he was running for Senate in 2022, Vance said the following about Kamala Harris and other female Democrats holding elective office:

"We're effectively run in this country via the Democrats, via the corporate oligarchs, by a bunch of childless cat ladies who are miserable at their own lives and the choices that they made, and so they want to make the rest of the country miserable too. It's just a basic fact. You have Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, AOC, the entire future of the Democrats is controlled by people without children. How does that make any sense when we've turned our country over to people who don't have a direct stake in it."

Oh No Elmo

Phony Stark "invents" things by writing, for example, 'make cool robot' on a napkin and then tells his workers to get it done in 6 months. It doesn't always work out well!
When will Tesla deliver on those Optimus robots we keep hearing about? It’s going to be a little while longer than first anticipated, according to CEO Elon Musk.

“Tesla will have genuinely useful humanoid robots in low production for Tesla internal use next year and, hopefully, high production for other companies in 2026,” Musk tweeted on Monday morning.
Why would companies want a medicore (at best) general purpse humanoid robot instead of a highly accurate specialized machine? There aren't a lot of good answers to that, at least until "mediocre" becomes "excellent."

Getting Old

I know "meme stock" otherwise I have no idea.



Let Me Tell You About My Heroism

I am somewhat interested in the full sequence of events leading up to Biden dropping out, but The TRUTH is being obscured by competing self-interested narratives peddled to journalists. I'm not saying truth is unknowable, just that it isn't likely to be knowable at the moment.

Why does it matter at all? As I've been saying, a lot of people (electeds, pundits, journalists) have been behaving very very badly.

It's all a Cardassian mystery novel - everybody is guilty and the challenge is figuring out who, exactly, is guilty of what?


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