Friday, June 05, 2020

Morning In America

Do I check the Covid death stats or the police brutality stories first?


There are some data issues I haven't bothered to get into deeply (not deception, just complications with who exactly is "unemployed" at the moment given various issues) so I don't know how meaningful this is, but I guarantee that pretty soon absurdly high levels of unemployment will be hailed as proof everything is Actually, Great.

You Expect Us To Read Our Own Opinion Page?

Hi James, do you have anything to say?
We published Cotton’s argument in part because we’ve committed to Times readers to provide a debate on important questions like this.
James, did you even read it?
Uh, no.
Society can only survive so many generations of elite failsons running everything. They're stupid and lazy and immoral and dishonest and they think they're smarter than you because of where they fucking went to high school (James went to St. Albans, you know).

Morning Thread

Thursday, June 04, 2020

Thursday Night

Rock on.

My People

Good for them.
In one Slack room, two employees who work in the Times’ customer service center were stunned by the rate of cancellations.
Employee A: they have to first get aligned on what the company is going to say

which is always tougher

Employee B: 172 cancels so far for this…. every time I refresh it just grows faster and faster

Employee A: 203 editorial cancellations between 4 - 5 = the highest hourly total ever in the data we have

buckle up everyone!


backtracking the backtrack or something.

Pinched A Loaf

Well they'll all just get fired soon.
"The email did not address what many felt were factual inaccuracies in the Cotton Op-Ed and its incitement of violence," the employee said. "It was demoralizing."
The day before, Davey Alba, a tech reporter for The Times who writes about disinformation, noted on Twitter that Cotton's argument that members of Antifa were "infiltrating protest marches to exploit Floyd's death for their own anarchic purposes" had been debunked by the paper.
"Our own newspaper has reported that this is misinformation," Alba tweeted on Wednesday.
(I keed, I think)


A lot of people around the country right now are not getting very warm feelings about politicians with Ds after their names. Trump doesn't run the state and local police.

America's Worst Humans

Meghan McCain.

We Must Present The Views of Senators

Since the way this works is that we must talk about whatever the crazy right wing fascists want us to talk about, they'll probably offer him a chance to respond to Senator Brownshirt.

Really Don't Give Money To That Fucking Newspaper

I know I say that all the time, but that's my cranky version. My real point has been:

For some reason liberals think subscribing to the New York Times is some sort of civic duty and the NYT cynically profited off of this with a massive ad campaign following the Trump election suggesting they were vitally important to being a check on Trump, and then gave us Maggie Haberman and her deferential court gossip as the primary frame for their political coverage and much other news, which gets subsumed into politics these days. If you want to support journalism with a subscription, giving money to the New York Times is like donating money to Harvard to support higher ed. They don't need your money, and will be the last legacy print outlet standing. But, hey, sure, if you like the crosswords or just read it enough and don't want to fight the paywall, go ahead and pay the money. Your choice. Just don't think it's some sort of good deed you're doing by suPporTinG joUrnAlIsm.

But now, really, please don't give any money to that fucking newspaper. At least until they publish my op-ed "Why Even Linking To This Newspaper is Supporting Fascism."

Thursday Is New Jobless Day

1.9 million new lucky duckies.

tHe dIvErsE MarKETpLacE oF iDeAs

I get so tired of the same dumb arguments "we" keep having, and in the middle of "all this" it is a reminder that the people who rule our discourse are stupid irresponsible moral monsters. Pareene awhile back.
Civil society requires the toleration of the expression of opposing viewpoints, no matter how personally discomforting you may find them. Therefore, it would be profoundly hypocritical for the editorial staff of the New York Times opinion section not to immediately invite me to come to their offices to call them all morons and trolls.

Overnight Thread


Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Apparently Mad Dog Mattis Thinks Trump Is Bad

I don't know why Very Serious People in Washington think they need some sort of blessing or validation of the perspective that Donald Trump might not be such a great president. It does not require any kind of deep insight to come to that conclusion, and it doesn't require any kind of bravery to say so long after doing so would have any possible greater impact than 6 hours of cable news coverage.

Yes we need the perspective of a Theranos board member and cheerleader.

Regular Reminder

Cancel your subscription to that fucking newspaper.

No I'm not going to link the latest.

...adding, it's Tom Cotton. It's gross. No they don't have to publish it. No they don't publish everything a federal lawmaker wants to publish. No they don't publish everything a senator wants to publish. No they don't think ALL IDEAS are worth publishing. They have their lines. By publishing that stuff they endorse it as a piece worthy of being published in the paper they think is vital to democracy or whatever.


One thing about Trump is that if something makes him look like an idiot (or more specifically if he realizes it makes him look like an idiot), he usually doesn't keep going, he just backtracks and pretends it didn't happen.
Active-duty troops that the Defense Department deployed to the Washington, D.C., area to help quell violent protests reportedly have begun returning to their home bases.
....and they just walked back the walkback. Guess I'm wrong! Troops staying.


More like this.
Attorney General Keith Ellison plans to elevate charges against the former Minneapolis police officer who knelt on George Floyd’s neck while adding charges of aiding and abetting murder against the other three officers at the scene, according to multiple law enforcement sources familiar with the case

Tough To Be A Dem Politician

"Hard" to criticize the cops, hard to criticize the governors and mayors in your own party.

Hard to get the rope through that tiny needle eye. Can point all the blame at Trump, at least.


Respect authoritah.
In hours of secretly recorded telephone conversations, police officers in Mount Vernon, New York, reveal widespread corruption, brutality and other misconduct in the troubled Westchester County city just north of the Bronx.

Caught on tape by a whistleblower cop, the officers said they witnessed or took part in alarming acts of police misconduct, from framing and beating residents to collaborating with drug dealers, all as part of a culture of impunity within the department’s narcotics unit.

I Am Not A Chicken

Since I suppose we can still laugh at the guy, Trump is claiming that that he didn't flee to the White House bunker because he had to, but just to take a look around.

I don't spent a lot of time around kids, but when I do I am always amazed/amused by their hilariously stupid lies/excuses for stuff they do. I know there's no way to convince them, but I really do just want to say, "You know, when you do that, we know. We always know. We aren't as dumb as you are."