Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Saving a big scoop for a book.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Monday Night

Rock on.

Happy Hour

Must be happy.

The People Must Suffer

There actually hasn't been any wage inflation, just price-excluding-wages-inflation, but some workers got a bit uppity and...

Reserve Currency

I'm not sure "plunging the world into recession in order to fix our supply chain problems" makes any sense, but that's the plan!

Is There A Relationship Between Inequality And Growth!??!!?!?!

When I was in grad school, that was one of the sexy research questions. Obviously the desired answer was, "yes," in the sense that unequal societies were the necessary price we paid for making the pie higher, and any efforts at redistribution (as if there were any serious efforts at redistribution), were bad, according to SCIENCE.

Just ridiculous.

Purification By Fire

The new nutters who run the UK are basically strong believers in "we must burn it all down to save it." Phoenix, rebirth, that kind of thing.

The Discourse generally accepts that right wing economic ideas are basically correct, but maybe we should be slightly nicer around the edges. It's never really defined what actual outcome would make this true. The word "growth" is thrown about, but as "we" all know, the high growth eras in both the US and UK were before the Reagan/Thatcher demolition of the post-war consensus.


The week begins.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Sunday Evening

Got a bit busy.

The Last Honest Man In Washington

I frequently think about our objective political journalists, and how a primary challenge to Joe Lieberman was portrayed as a Taliban insurgency, and the run against Markey in MA by a Kennedy failson was not.

Anyway, good on Markey for winning that.


Sunday funday.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Saturday Night

Rock on.


Not much going on, so here is one of my favorite chamber music pieces.

Welcome To The Nursing Home

Was in a cafe and they were playing (ha ha) "oldies" and Welcome To The Jungle (Guns N' Roses) came on. My memory was correct, as wikipedia confirmed, that it came out almost exactly 35 years ago.

It isn't weird that I'm old; it's weird that things I remember as new are. Not sure that makes sense.

Nothing Matters, Nothing Is Real

Sometimes I wonder if I am the weirdo? Basic things like, "women might die because a doctor can't treat them without risking jail," bother me a bit?

I know there's a sort of South Park "caring is the worst sin" ethos, along with the establishment of "virtue signalling" as a slur, but it doesn't seem to weird to see that as a problem?

And honestly I think I'm a bit of an asshole.


Slacker Saturday

Friday, September 23, 2022

Friday Night

Rock on.

Happy Hour

Rudy could be in prison soon!


Journalists being too close to their sources is common, but elite legal journalism seems to have zero interrogation of these obvious problems.


As I said, the good or bad of currency strength is complicated, but it does seem that 15 years of the UK punching itself in the face is coming to fruition. 

Is The Work Happening

Once upon a time, for various reasons, I was much more in tune with on the ground activism.  Voter registration and similar.  Now I have no idea. This is about my ignorance - I have no idea - but are people doing the work?


Friday free for all