Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Lock'em Up

This is the civil side, not criminal, but people certainly get hit with indictments for much less.
  • Misstated objective facts, like the size of Mr. Trump’s Trump Tower penthouse;
  • Miscategorized assets outside Mr. Trump’s or the Trump Organization’s control as “cash,” thereby overstating his liquidity;
  • Misstated the process by which Mr. Trump or his associates reached valuations, including deviations from generally accepted accounting principles in ways that the statements did not disclose;
  • Failed to use fundamental techniques of valuation, like discounting future revenues and expenses to their present value, or choosing as “comparables” only similar properties in order to impute valuations from public sales data;
  • Misstated the purported involvement of “outside professionals” in reaching the valuations; and
  • Failed to advise that certain valuation amounts were inflated by an undisclosed amount for brand value.

Identifying The Problem

I don't think the "souring" is it.
This is politico's take, of course, not the administration's, but it's the view of the beltway world in which three of the dumbest fucking Republicans in punditry are a Dem president's "staunchest media allies."

Oh no what will they do if they've lost Josh "My Dad, Robert, is also an asshole" Barro.

Politics is 100% vibes for Rubin and Brooks, and Barro is an incoherent glibertarian.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Thought the writers lost him. Committee, not DOJ, sadly.

Hour of Happy

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Wax Off

For not entirely disinterested reasons, I'm wary of anything that chips away at tenure protections, but...
The University of Pennsylvania’s law school dean Tuesday announced he would initiate a process that could lead to sanctions against long-time law professor Amy Wax for her racist comments.

In a noon email to the law school community. Dean Ted Ruger said he would invoke a faculty review process, which must occur before any action, major or minor, could be taken. The process spelled out in Penn’s faculty handbook will include convening a faculty hearing board to review charges and sets out detailed procedures that could culminate in sanctions including a letter of reprimand, suspension or termination of employment.

An Oral History Of The Insurance Company Covid Test Reimbursement Program Plan

Good that 'ordering free tests through the post office' will be up and running, however imperfectly, but jesus christ I want to know just who/how the "pay for a test if you can find one, then print out a reimbursement form and mail it to your insurance company and hope for the best if you have private insurance that is and not even Medicare lol fuck you' plan was conceived of. Like whoever did that needs to be fired before they touch anything else.*

*narrator: they have already touched plenty of things.

Boiling Their Brains In Bill O'Reilly's Piss

It's the kind of thing only assholes liberals point out, but the entire Republican party has been stewing its brains in Fox News for decades. Sam Alito probably fist bumps the air when Tucker Carlson comes on.

An important thing to understand if you're wondering, why, someone like Chuck Grassley, who you, a savvy reporter, once thought of as being a very sensible Republican, acts just like every other MAGA dipshist.

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Some personal news: that last post got me a New York Times column.

We All Know Who Is To Blame

THE LEFT for suggesting that Biden support the Biden agenda, and black people for continuing to exist in public, sometimes even expressing opinions about things, and upsetting "normal" Americans.


It isn't a huge mystery why Biden is unpopular at the moment, or it shouldn't be, but the Discourse is run by people who are in covid denial and who think because people echo obsessive media complaints about inflation back at pollsters that the fact that the federal government is Too Damn Generous is the problem.

Covid illness rates are huge, death rates are high and climbing, life is in no way "normal." A lot of uncertainty, no cushion, and no sense that any help is on the way.

You can blame who you want for this, or perhaps no one at all, but if things suck the guy in the White House generally gets the blame.


This plot is heating up.
Prosecutors granted immunity to an ex-girlfriend of Representative Matt Gaetz before she testified last week in front of a federal grand jury hearing evidence in the investigation of the congressman, according to a source familiar with the matter.

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Monday, January 17, 2022

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Nothing but science.


How does Zients keep his name out of everything.*
The agency’s director, Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, has sometimes skipped much of the traditional scientific review process, most recently in shortening the isolation period for infected Americans.

... In recent interviews, some officials at the C.D.C. privately described the decisions as demoralizing, and worried about Dr. Walensky’s increasing reliance on a small group of advisers and what they saw as the White House’s heavy political influence on her actions.

Yet others outside the agency commended Dr. Walensky for short-circuiting a laborious process and taking a pragmatic approach to managing a national emergency, saying she was right to move ahead even when the data was unclear and agency researchers remained unsure.

These types of stories are ass covering by interested parties and it probably isn't fair to blame JUST the White House or JUST Walensky or JUST the rest of the CDC (but perhaps all 3).

But if you're going to feed some workers into the wood chipper FOR SOCIETY, you should figure out how to compensate them, just not hide behind bullshit to do it.

But the recommendation had an important advantage: It could help keep hospitals, businesses and schools afloat through the worst of the Omicron surge.


*There is an obvious answer to this question, but it's an exercise left to the reader.


I'm nobody and I'm not on any kind of DC communications lists anymore, but I was once upon a time and if there's one thing the Democratic-Industrial complex knows how to do it is bully the left. The reward will also be blaming The Left for doing as they were told but somehow fucking everything up anyway. Every single time.

The Project For A New American Century

If that really was their project, and not just "more yachts for my friends," they really fucked that one up, didn't they.

Ah, Well, Nevertheless

Good stuff from the Very Serious Adults In Charge.
"No. There might be something small for restaurants. But the economy is booming, there are millions of open jobs, and we do not believe people should be sitting at home if they are vaccinated and boosted, as most adults are," the senior official said when asked if additional stimulus legislation was being taken seriously.
Stern daddy is back, baby!

How's that working out?

As COVID-19 cases have climbed, public health experts have urged people to dump their cloth masks in favor of higher-quality options — especially the disposable N95 or KN95 masks — and to test more frequently to curb the virus.

For some, the added financial burden is an irritation, but still affordable. To others, the prospect of paying $1 for a single disposable mask or $24 for a test kit is an economic impossibility, raising the specter that the pandemic will continue to exacerbate inequalities.

Many answers, but one is:
So the people who are at work can get home safely before it's too late.


Because life is funny and weird, I actually know Claudio and Emanuela.
Ronco, 66, knows some people who have relented, including a fellow musician with three kids and a mortgage. He knows others who are scrambling for hard-to-get medical exemptions. But Ronco — an Orthodox Jew and a specialist in 18th-century music who tends to distrust the trends of the masses — figures this is an instance when he can try to withstand the mounting pressure. His savings are thinning, but not gone. His children are grown. His wife, Emanuela Vozza, a fellow cellist, also unvaccinated, feels as he does. So day after day, his resistance has continued: A musician who once played at Milan’s famed La Scala has been instead working alongside Vozza, editing recordings they’ve made in their countryside living room, unable for the foreseeable future to perform for a crowd.
Had dinner in their apartment (in Venice, not that one), once!