Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

If I Did It

I'm pretty fascinated by the Saudi Arabia issue. Could one bad act reshape official Washington? Saudi money runs that town.

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I got nothin'.


It's always good news for Republicans.

I Was Dumb

I used to naively think that at least they couldn't cut Social Security. And, hey, we did win the privatization war in 2005. Yay blogs! We helped do that (really we did). I thought, well, hey, old people vote, so don't fuck with them. But they'll go after it by cutting it for people under 55 or whatever. Boomers get very mad when you blame them, but really, Boomers, you're gonna do this. #notallboomers

Tech Bros

A bunch of people sent me this, because of course.

One day in 2011, a Google executive named Isaac Taylor learned that, while he was on paternity leave, Levandowski had modified the cars’ software so that he could take them on otherwise forbidden routes. A Google executive recalls witnessing Taylor and Levandowski shouting at each other. Levandowski told Taylor that the only way to show him why his approach was necessary was to take a ride together. The men, both still furious, jumped into a self-driving Prius and headed off.

The car went onto a freeway, where it travelled past an on-ramp. According to people with knowledge of events that day, the Prius accidentally boxed in another vehicle, a Camry. A human driver could easily have handled the situation by slowing down and letting the Camry merge into traffic, but Google’s software wasn’t prepared for this scenario. The cars continued speeding down the freeway side by side. The Camry’s driver jerked his car onto the right shoulder. Then, apparently trying to avoid a guardrail, he veered to the left; the Camry pinwheeled across the freeway and into the median. Levandowski, who was acting as the safety driver, swerved hard to avoid colliding with the Camry, causing Taylor to injure his spine so severely that he eventually required multiple surgeries.

The Prius regained control and turned a corner on the freeway, leaving the Camry behind. Levandowski and Taylor didn’t know how badly damaged the Camry was. They didn’t go back to check on the other driver or to see if anyone else had been hurt. Neither they nor other Google executives made inquiries with the authorities. The police were not informed that a self-driving algorithm had contributed to the accident.

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Monday, October 15, 2018

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have at it

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My Good Friend, MBS

Tom Friedman's column is gonna be lit.

Trumpism Sure...but Trump?

One thing I never get about conservatives is that their heroes are so disgusting. Trump is repulsive. Love the politics, sure, I get that, but the man? I do not get.

This Video Wasn't Even Controversial At The Time

I often marvel at that.


Except when I failed my first driving test, I've never had any problems with the DMV. Certainly better than the local office of Kabletown. But the DMV looms large in the mythology of scary government.

If you really want scary government bureaucracy, try dealing with immigration! I don't even mean ICE, I just mean the form filling out part. And not just in this crazy country... any country!

Monday Morning Thread

With everything else going on, no one seems to be paying any attention to the Mueller investigation. It's like it's not happening.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday Night

Tomorrow is...

Wow Beto Raised Lots Of Money

Ever since the internet small donor phenomenon became a thing, the very important people keep getting very mad that stupid people are giving 20 bucks to the very WRONG UNWINNABLE RACES as opposed to giving millions to safe seat incumbents which is just business as usual.

I am being pithy but I hope you get the point.

It's Cold Now

So much for "at least here in the Mid-Atlantic we have a great Fall!"

Sunday Morning

Saturday, October 13, 2018

A Terrible Breach In Protocol

Stay civil, people.

Saturday, Saturday



I grew up in the suburbs. That period between about 12 and 16 when you can't drive is hell. I wish I had a nice subway.

Saturday Morning

Fall has arrived. Nice.