Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Go Away Holy Joe

We are tired of you and your ghost written nonsense.

I Know Nothing

But how does Don Jr. not get indicted?

License To Kill

we're going to go from "SELF-DRIVING CARS ARE GOING TO BE SO SAFE" to "well, really, it's unreasonable to have any expectations or legal requirements of safety..."

These things are going to be so annoying that road rage will destroy them all, at least.

Lunch Thread


The Center Of The Universe

I suppose this is a big test of whether I have my finger on the pulse of contemporary America.

For years, it hulked stagnant over the Meadowlands like a massive, forgotten Tinkertoy. But if you drive past it today on Route 3 or the New Jersey Turnpike, the mall once named Xanadu and now rechristened American Dream is rising anew.
But don’t call it a mall—not these days. Don Ghermezian, president of Edmonton, Canada-based Triple Five Worldwide, which took over development of the project in 2011, made that clear when he spoke to Bloomberg in late 2016. He refers to American Dream as “the center of the universe.”

What A Weird Man

I know talk of Trump's mental decline has faded a bit as we've all gotten used to a what a weird man he is, but decline of talk of his decline is premature. As I have long said, he was always a narcissistic blowhard but he wasn't the child that he is now. The filters that make even the extreme narcissist able to pretend a bit occasionally keep fading. Those jenga blocks are being pulled out one by one.

Morning Thread

Still waiting for the twit to tweet today.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tuesday Night


Incoming Rage Tweet

Travel day so a bit busy, but Trump's gonna be raging on twitter soon.

How About a News Conference Thread

This should be a dilly.

It's Only Going To Get Worse

Congress is not powerless. Unwilling, certainly, but not unable.

The Republicans Will Save Us

I admit I don't quite understand why some things make our press mad and some things don't, but more than that I certainly don't understand the faith the Republicans will save us.

Also, if Democrats take charge, the same people will get mad at them for "overreaching" with their "partisan oversight." The idea that Republicans have to save us isn't just because they're in charge, it's because they're the only ones who can legitimately wield power in Washington, no matter what they do with it.

You need two, maybe even one, Republican senators to caucus with the Democrats until November and give them oversight power. This is not unprecedented. Those brave Republicans could cut themselves nice deals about power, also, too. But, nah, they'll just tweet sadly.

Overnight Thread

Enjoy if you can

Monday, July 16, 2018

Oh My

Such fun.
WASHINGTON — A Russian woman who tried to broker a pair of secret meetings between candidate Donald J. Trump and the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, during the 2016 presidential campaign, was charged Monday and accused of working with Americans to carry out a secret Russian effort to influence American politics.


Though the American operative is not identified, The Times has previously reported that Ms. Butina developed a close relationship with Paul Erickson, an N.R.A. member and longtime conservative activist who was part of the effort to arrange a meeting between Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump. Ms. Butina has publicly described hosting Mr. Erickson at an event in Moscow. Mr. Erickson did not respond to a message seeking comment.

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People Are Mean, To Me, On Twitter

And this says something very important about The Discourse and Manners and Civility.

Of course social media provides opportunities for everything from just being mean to harassment and stalking, but it's always hilarious when important people decide their personal experiences (and you're famous, people are punching up, suck it up) reflect a general problem of society that they only discovered when people were mean to them personally.

Also there are babies in cages, so...


He hated all the right people.

Yeah… I’m so glad we got to that point, cause that’s what I’m trying to do, I’m trying to make there be love in the world for people between each other, cause I think that’s what missing in our journalism [dissolves laughing], I really do. It sounds crazy, but that’s what I think.
Yeah. It’s particularly um, it’s painful to… look, I read the op-ed page of the New York Times and I wanna fuckin’ kill myself.
Wait’ll you see! We hired a fact checker, to fact check them.
Ah, good. Who is it who’s corrected there the most?
I dunno, Brooks? Like… Brooks is the biggest doofus.
It’s like Night of the Living Dead over there.
Oh my god, Bari Weiss. What the hell has happened.
It’s the fuckin’ worst.
That guy Bennet. He needs to be shot out of the nearest cannon.
Who’s the one with the obsession for Asian sex trade? Kristof. A little fuckin’ creepy.

We Tried

Your regular reminder that the Iraq war was colossal and tragic crime that all Very Serious People supported and then "oopsy."

Morning Thread

I hear tell there is an important summit meeting that will be happening today.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Watch Another Movie

The first Harry Potter movie came out in 2001.

Sunday, Sunday

That means tomorrow is...

A Rudimentary Knowledge of Mortars