Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Joe Biden Might Have The Chance To Do The Funniest Thing Possible

I have no idea what the conservative Supremos are really plotting with Trump's immunity case, but there are fascinating possibilities.



Good Enough For Investors

Elon's big new idea is that a fleet of Teslas can be used as distributed computing power in their idle time and yah whatever buddy. The dumbasses who buy stocks love it though!

Zone of Interest

 A lot is incredibly stupid and offense in the McWhorter piece (as always) , but wow is he dumb.

"The point of the piece is to make people listen to the birds chirping" is some amazing shit.  

Listen to the ambient sounds - no not those.

The Good Guys

I know the bad orange man is bad, but since October, people with actual influence have been mostly yelling at people for objecting to the slaughter in Gaza instead of using their platforms to actually shift the administration. Don't argue that no one has any influence; Biden is a creature of DC and listens to these people.

I know they generally believed the following: 

The Palestinians have it coming for what Hamas did, and you certainly have to allow Israel some collective punishment, as a treat.  All Palestinians have genocide in their hearts, they deserve it anyway.
It will all be wrapped up by January or so, and we can gloat about how it was all worth it. 
For a couple of months we get to yell at hippies, which is our favorite thing to do. What fun we're going to have!
The more wrong they turn out to have been, the more they completely fucked it into the sun, the more they'll keep doubling down. I am not kidding when I say that "proving the hippies fucking wrong" is a primary interest for these people, though "killing subhuman Arab people" is a bonus treat for some of them.

I said, at the start, that in any major conflict it doesn't much matter who is right or wrong, the goal needs to be de-escalation. That isn't always an easy goal to achieve, but it should be the ultimate goal!  The kill the brutes crowd got their way, as they always do, and they're still yelling about college kids.

As I said, my list is very long or very short now, depending on how you look at it, because a bunch of powerful people had the easiest test in the world and they will keep failing it rather than admit error.


Wacky Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Tuesday Night

Rock on.

Happy Hour

get happy

Google's Worst Executive

Prabhakar Raghavan.

Some Stories Do Have Happy Endings

Good for them.
TALLAHASSEE — Some of the 49 migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard by Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration are now able to work legally in the United States and have temporary protections from deportation because they are considered victims of a potential crime, their attorney says.

The migrants are eligible for protection because they applied for a special kind of visa meant for crime victims who are helping law enforcement investigate suspected criminal activity. They applied for what are known as U visas last year after they said they had been tricked into taking charter flights from San Antonio, Texas to the Massachusetts island with false promises of jobs and other aid, said Rachel Self, an attorney for the migrants.

The migrant flight program was designed to remove “unauthorized aliens” from Florida. But critics, including immigration advocacy groups, have pointed out that the migrants had legal status in the United States as asylum seekers and that they were found in Texas, not Florida.

The Pig People Can't Possibly Be Correct

I probably return to the Iraq war as a reference point a bit too much, but in my defense the same fucking people who promoted that now/still control most of the microphones.

The brief genre of "Iraq war mea culpa" was telling because, for the most part, they were thumbsucking exercises expressing, "How could I, a Harvard grad with a big brain, have been wrong, and those pig people, the protesters, have been right? Here are 27,000 words about why they are, AKSHUALLY, the stupid ones, and I will learn nothing from this."

For years I regularly asked why "we" were still in Iraq. There were several reasons, of course, but a big one was that no one influential was capable of admitting that the pig people were correct. The next 6 months are critical, and those hippies will be proved fucking wrong at least!

There really is no limit to the number of deaths some of these people will endorse in order to prove the fucking hippies wrong. I know that sounds ridiculous, and it is, but you have read their columns. I'm not far off here!

So many articles were written after the war started about how those stupid fucking hippies - the antiwar movement - were wrong and shameful and stupid and ridiculous and borderline treasonous and juvenile and naive and blah blah blah.
George Packer, editor of "The Fight is for Democracy," a collection of essays about America and its role in the world after Sept. 11, would like to see progressives put pressure on the administration to do more for the people of Iraq, rather than less. But Michael O'Hanlon, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, says, "I see little evidence of any such liberal alternative that is serious and constructive for the people of Iraq, unfortunately." Liberals who care about the welfare of Iraqis, he says, must "start to distinguish between their dislike of Bush and their recognition that the mission must succeed. That would be a big start, and the crucial one."

"Hatred of Bush and the opportunism of Democratic politicians has created a tactical alliance between mainstream Democrats and the fringe," says Packer, who writes about his own six-week trip to Iraq in a forthcoming New Yorker article. "It's disappointing to see both presidential candidates and leading members of Congress really fail to see the importance of what's going on in Iraq right now. You can object to no bid contracts, you can object to cronyism and waste as I do, without undermining the basic understanding that we are committed to this and we have an enormous obligation to the Iraqis. I don't see why you have to choose between disliking Halliburton and supporting the Iraqis in their efforts to create a decent society."
My guy - these "progressives" had no power! Your guys won! What the fuck are they supposed to do - you wont even let them write articles in the New Yorker!  You own the microphones! They just write stupid blog posts and put some slogans on signs!


Shop while you eat! (Ad, I get a commission).

I'm Voting For Mr. Target

Think before putting "a little less evil than the other guys" in easy to process chart form.

Such Competence

I know I've asserted many times that the obsessive focus on elite universities is ridiculous, and it is, but this stuff fits in with my favorite more general theme - elite mendacity and incompetence.
Columbia University, the epicenter of pro-Palestinian protests at US college campuses in recent days, says all classes at its main campus will be hybrid — technology permitting — until the spring semester ends.

“Safety is our highest priority as we strive to support our students’ learning and all the required academic operations,” the university said in an announcement Monday night.
It's the behavior of the people in charge that matters, not that of the students. It's the latter that other powerful people (New York Times editors and pundits) obsess about, because they are mad at their own children for hating them.

Somebody's Rich Daddy Threatened To Sue

Can't swing the bat too hard at these universities or you might take out somebody who matters. University administrators, just the top talent.


I'm starting to suspect that many people in power are just bad, stupid people.

Monday, April 22, 2024

Monday Night

Rock on.

Happy Hour

Get happy


It has returned to life.


Will Elon's finally run out?