Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sure Why Not

Stop me before I crime again.
Steve Kramer, a veteran political consultant working for a rival candidate, acknowledged Sunday that he commissioned the robocall impersonating President Joe Biden with artificial intelligence, confirming an NBC News report that he was behind the call.


Kramer said more enforcement is necessary to stop people like him from doing what he did.
No idea precisely what existing laws would apply, but that's an invitation to find them!
Authorities in New Hampshire are investigating the robocall for potentially violating state laws against voter suppression. A multi-state task force of state attorneys generals focused on robocalls is looking to crack down on the people involved in the Biden robocall in order to set an early example as the technology becomes more widespread. And the Federal Commissions Commission sped up plans to criminalize AI robocalls in response to the Biden robocall.


 I don't even care what's in this article, it's just "funny" that  older millennials are now in their 40s and they're still discussed as some weird new arrival on the planet.

I suppose it's extra weird from the perspective of an Xer - we basically didn't exist, then we were "slackers" for about 3 years, and then just boring adults at age 25.

Victory Tour

A lot of things wrong with Biden's response to Gaza (for the kids, this is what we called "understatement"), but one is their absolute inability to game out where this is going. Whatever else they thought in mid-October, that this would somehow all wrap up and then there would be a "next day" in a politically convenient time frame was part of it.

Orange man is bad, I know, which is why more of you people should've been receptive to criticism over 4 months ago. Tick tick tick.



Trump's Biggest Fans Still Like Trump

Seems to be the news of the day.


Sunday funday

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Saturday Night

Rock on.

Saturday Afternoon


Black Like Me

Amazing stuff.
“A lot of people said that’s why the Black people liked me, because they had been hurt so badly and discriminated against. And they actually viewed me as I’m being discriminated against … Maybe there’s something to it,” he said, right after talking about the charges.

He also cited his mug shot in Georgia — taken last summer after he was charged for trying to overturn the state’s election results — as a reason that Black voters would gravitate toward him in November. Trump said he now saw Black Americans wearing mug shots on their T-shirts.

“When I did the mug shot in Atlanta, that mug shot is number one,” Trump said. He added that the Black population “embraced it more than anyone else.”

He also said: “I’m being indicted for you, the Black population.”


I see Republicans have decided on "reporters won't remember our decades-long support for fetal personhood bills" as their response to the Alabama IVF ruling and are they wrong? Not understanding, or pretending not to understand, all of these things have been at the center of abortion coverage my whole life.

I'm not surprised Republicans are running from this. While the real hardcore anti-abortion people have been gunning for IVF, plenty of politicians boast about their IVF kids.

This isn't as simple as "my abortions are good, yours are bad" hypocrisy. They hide those. They are proud of their fertility treatment children, even if they are convinced they did in the right way, unlike you.


Slacker Saturday.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Friday Night

Rock on.

Happy Hour


Dog Ran Over By Car That It Just Caught

Of course banning IVF or curtailing its practice in ways that make it impossible to do is the logical implication of all the fetal personhood stuff they've been pushing for years, but...

I Was Skeptical

But apparently those retail theft rings are real, if not quite what we were supposed to think.
A complaint alleges Michelle Mack of Bonsall was the ringleader of an organized national crime ring that stole nearly $8 million worth of makeup and other goods from stores, including hundreds of Ulta Cosmetics stores across the U.S., and re-sold them on her online Amazon storefront.
You have to watch the video, but tl;dw: her class and complexion are at odds with the ongoing narrative.


Shop while you eat! (Ad, I get a commission).

And Why Did She Think That

If you were a very well-informed voter - listened to NPR, read the New York Times, contemplated the deep thoughts of our illustrious dipshist centrist columnists - you would have understandably believed that banning abortion would not ban lifesaving care.
When Roe v. Wade was overturned in 2022, the two had argued fiercely about what a near-total abortion ban would mean for women in the state — with Norris-De La Cruz fearing a loss of personal freedoms, and Lloyd welcoming new protections for babies who couldn’t speak up for themselves.

Initially, Lloyd said, she thought the Texas abortion law would only affect people who decided they didn’t want to be pregnant — never imagining it could prevent women from accessing lifesaving care. Now, she said, she has completely changed her mind about abortion bans.

“I didn’t realize how far it had gone,” she said. “But it has happened to my life now, with my daughter."

“Her life has been in danger and affected by someone who was too afraid to help.”

Do They Have The Google

It is very strange that this stuff happens so often.


The New York Times has a miraculous ability to find longtime professional conservative activists while somehow forgetting to tell you that.
Natalie Brumfield, 41, cried as she read about the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling that embryos in test tubes should be considered children. A mother of seven, including two babies conceived through in vitro fertilization, Ms. Brumfield felt that one of her cherished beliefs as a Christian had been affirmed: Life, she said, begins when embryos form.
That's their lede paragraph for the story, about a woman who has made it effectively impossible for people in Alabama to do what she did (whether or not she's smart enough to understand that).

"Activist" is often a word used to disparage people journalists think you should look at suspiciously, as if they are blinded by ideology, unlike the pure random people they found somehow who just have normal people feelings about stuff.

The people who subscribe to the NYT are liberalish. The people who run it are not, and Dash is quite clearly much worse than Pinch was.