Friday, April 19, 2024

Learning From Our Mistakes

The "bomb Iran" crowd has been fairly quiet recently, but they're always waiting for their moment. The Kids won't rememember but in the late aughts it was very pressing.
8. Consider the opportunity cost. The problem with dumb war isn't that it's war. The problem is that it costs you the military, economic, and political resources to fight a smart war. Everything Bush wrongly attributed to Iraq turns out to be true of Iran. But we can't confront Iran with the force it probably requires, because we wasted our resources in Iraq. Americans, having been suckered in Iraq, won't accept evidence of Iran's nuclear program. Countries that might have supported us in a strike on Iran won't do so now, since we led them astray. Our coffers have been emptied to pay for the Iraq occupation. Our troops are physically and spiritually exhausted. In the name of strength, Bush has made us weak.

Is That Good

How is the Kushner-Netanyahu-Biden-McGurk peace plan going?
Israel has attacked Iran, US official tells CNN
I am really hung up on Israeli officials running to the NYT and explaining that they didn't understand that bombing the Iranian embassy in Syria would make Iran mad.

Why are the Iranians so emotional? Is it because they have some strange inscrutable notion of honor?

It might be the case that this retaliation was mostly for show, as Iran's largely was.  A choregraphed little dance.

It says a lot about the people who run the world that this actually makes sense to all of them. Oh we have to pretend to try to blow some shit up!  I guess people with power all do have inscrutable notions of honor.


Heckuva job, Joey.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Just Buy A Porsche Or Whatever

Why is it that all these prominent weirdos are hitting midlife and deciding to burn the world down instead of just becoming an annoying Updike character?

Happy Hour

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22 Years Of This Shit

This shit blog, but also this shit. It was boring when Bernie Goldberg wrote his incoherent book, it was boring when Bari Weiss did it, and it's still so damn boring!

There was a time when I would've ENGAGED THE CONVERSATION but, dear readers, anyone who treats MAN CLAIMS MEDIA OUTLET IS LIBERAL as important just gets added to the ignore/point and laugh list.

It's a very very long list.

(I don't mean Scott - linked - for making the effort I can't bring myself to).

All The Private Details Fit To Print

Journalists have been publishing incredibly detailed descriptions of prospective Trump jurors - making them easily identifiable - for reasons they haven't bothered to explain. Is that a normal mafia trial thing to do?


A bit late today

The Rare Reporter Who Would Notice

Tapper sucks in lots of ways but he won't always play along with the GOP script of the day.  That shouldn't be notable.



A special State Department panel recommended months ago that Secretary of State Antony Blinken disqualify multiple Israeli military and police units from receiving U.S. aid after reviewing allegations that they committed serious human rights abuses.

But Blinken has failed to act on the proposal in the face of growing international criticism of the Israeli military’s conduct in Gaza, according to current and former State Department officials.

NYT Will Print Anything

Didn't think killing your dudes would make you mad.
Why are you being so unreasonble about this?


Thirsty Thursday.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Crime License

And is the fine for murder $5000?  What is the point.




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Foreign Interests

Not defending Putin support, but it should also inspire a more general consideration of the various ways ($$$)  many different foreign interests have a bit of influence in DC.

I really am not thinking of Israel.

My somewhat unevidenced opinion is that members of Congress are personally much more corrupt than they used to be, aside from the obvious perpetual corruption of the security state.


Wacky Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tuesday Night


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