Sunday, July 22, 2018

America's Worst Humans

American Journalism In One Tweet

Do Better

It's really not much to ask of politicians, is it?

Morning Thread

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday Night

Rock on.

Saturday Evening

Scott killed himself. I don't know why. We all have demons. I saw frabbit a few months before he died.


Some of us are very into the daily bullshit of politics. It is our hobby. Some of us get mad when we don't think we are eating as well as we should be eating.

Do Be Do Be Do Be Do

Some people are in positions of power. Most of us are not. I suppose I am a little bit inbetween. Most of us can't do much of anything and I get mad when people who have actual power do not use it.

Post Lunch-Pre Happy Hour Thread

8 Years

Use power when you have it.

Is It Le Weekend?

Life has been crap lately. Be excellent to each other.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Nostalgia Sucks

And Mistki is good.

Gotta Get Down On Friday

It's late and I am tired and (as always) lazy so I cannot write the full essay on this, but once upon a time I thought that sharing things on the internet might provide an alternative marketing strategy. There was a moment when this was true. I do not think it is true now. I tried. You have all always hated my videos. I thought that was funny. But some of those bands are/were good. I will try to resurrect a few over the next few weeks. I saw Pretty Girls Make Graves once in a tiny venue that no longer exists. All 30 of us had a great time. A great band, a great name, a great song, a great video.

Happy Hour Thread

I am sure a news dump will ruin your weekend, but until then... get happy!


I don't think I have been to DC 6 years? I used to go regularly for various reasons. I am not important and I never was. Occasionally my butterfly wings flap in the right direction and this is the best thing I can ever do.

But politicians are... good. By good I mean bad. They are good at telling you what you want to hear. I am a just a hick, but I am constantly amazed by how often journalists pretend they are not being played. I was played a few times. I get it. It's why I don't do that anymore. It's also why I have contempt for the journalists who are played. I was dumb. I know they are not. They like lying to you.

Armchair Revolutionaries

"We need to..." is one of my infinite pet peeves. Organize. Do. A "general strike" is a favorite by people who will not shut down the system or threaten their incomes by being involved in a general strike. The people who can shut things down with a general strike are the ones who are most vulnerable to its consequences.

Your rich car dealer friends are the problem, not the janitors. Stop it.

I Am So Tired

My sweet kitty died. Life has been otherwise complicated. Blogging is going to suck for a bit. Or not! It is always so exciting and unpredictable.

Never Change, NYT

I mean, I know you will never change.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thursday Night

Tomorrow is...

They Have More Money

I admit I don't get why the absurdly rich - not just superrich, but billionaire rich (not fake billionaire rich) - continue to run or pretend to run companies. Enough is enough at some point, and you don't actually get to take it with you. Seems like running a company makes leisure, or doing good or evil full time, depending on your interests, tough.

As for taking it with you, I had an interesting conversation with an estate planing attorney once. My basic question was why people, to a great degree, wait until they die before giving it all to their already old children. The usual answer is something like "they need something to be able to control their children with." That wasn't his answer. His answer was that, actually, a lot of estate planning is about giving money to the grandkids. They don't really want to give money to their actual children. True or not... interesting!

She Works For Trump

The press loves their beat sweetened friendly sources and I guess people are holding out hope that there are a couple of "grownups" in there who will stop WWIII, but anyone who willingly takes a top job with Trump shares at least some of his passions and it's fair to say they've had the opportunity to be their best and true selves.

America's Worst Humans

Fred Hiatt.