Thursday, January 20, 2022

Another Fine Graduate Of Yale Law School

Happy Hour

Gonna start all over again.

Ain't That Grand

Don't see how Donnie Scoops can wriggle out of this one.
(CNN)A district attorney in Georgia investigating former President Donald Trump's effort to overturn election results in the state is requesting a special grand jury in an effort to gather information relevant to the probe, according to a letter sent to the court.

That's A Shame

Cuellar's long been probably the worst Dem in the House.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation said in a statement Wednesday evening that it is doing a "court-authorized" search of the Texas home of Rep. Henry Cuellar, a moderate Democrat.

If Not That, Then This

One use of executive power is the threat of using executive power. One doesn't have to go full, "I'm going to outlaw coal mines in West Virginia" to understand that the president has some perfectly reasonable powers that members of Congress and their patrons and their stock funds would be very angry about! In some cases, probably not even big things, or even especially controversial things! Amazing what the senators from Idaho might care about that no normal humans would, much.

Similarly, if BBB isn't going to happen, and it basically isn't, all that withdrawal of money from the economy, not to mention pockets, is going to hurt! Better figure out how to replace it! There are one or two obvious things.

If compromising with assholes in Congress doesn't work, then compromising with reality might. Threatening to, also, too.

Lunch Thread

Hungry hungry hippos.

But I'm A Moderate White Man

We will probably never know whether Biden truly believed he could work with Republicans (I mean, he did, and they didn't give him anything back, sucker), or if this was always rhetoric designed to appeal to the smooth brains (our pundit class) it apeals to, but either way the only interpretation of that from a guy who was there for the Obama years is: they wouldn't work with the black guy, but they'll work with me.

Broken Government

Not a new observation, but Congress basically can't pass any laws, between them dying in the Senate or being gutted by the Supreme Court.

It is a horrible system of government!!!

Dumb online hippies told them to deal with this back when they had a very large majority! Those dumb hippies were told that they were making things up with the whole "it only takes a majority to change the rules that are passed by a majority" crazy talk.

The fever will break soon, just gotta vote harder, folks.

Top Symptom: Hangovers Worse Than When I Was Younger

This has been one of the funniest stories, clearly separating out the gullible/NatSec in the tank reporters from normal humans.
In a new intelligence assessment, the CIA has ruled out that the mysterious symptoms known as Havana Syndrome are the result of a sustained global campaign by a hostile power aimed at hundreds of U.S. diplomats and spies, six people briefed on the matter told NBC News.
Yah you guys all drank too much during Covid, we get it.

Either that, or the CIA's doing it to our own dudes.

Thursday Is New Jobless Day

286,000 new lucky duckies. High enough to be concerning.

Thread Of Morning

Be good to it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Wednesday Night

Rock on.

Happy Hour Thread

Oh to be happy.

Lawyers Be Lawyering

I don't know why Sotomayor agreed to this statement in attempt to make Gorsuch look like less of an asshole, as gullible media people would run with it at the expense of their own notional colleague, Nina Totenberg, but Totenberg didn't report that Sotomayor asked Gorsuch to wear a mask, she reported that Roberts asked him. ...and a late development! Probably didn't say "on the bench" precisely... Other people who attend have to wear N95 masks, so, interepret all this how you wish!


All calls for "civility" in political (and related) discourse come from powerful people enraged that people aren't as deferential to them as they imagine they should be.

These aren't nice people, and they have no problem using their power to do literal violence to millions of people, and then tut tutting when people speak up.

Lunch Thread

Humble pie for me, not a typical pundit meal.

Confused Don Jr. Face

Washington (CNN)The House committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol has subpoenaed and obtained records of phone numbers associated with one of former President Donald Trump's children, Eric Trump, as well as Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is engaged to Donald Trump Jr., sources tell CNN.

Lock'em Up

This is the civil side, not criminal, but people certainly get hit with indictments for much less.
  • Misstated objective facts, like the size of Mr. Trump’s Trump Tower penthouse;
  • Miscategorized assets outside Mr. Trump’s or the Trump Organization’s control as “cash,” thereby overstating his liquidity;
  • Misstated the process by which Mr. Trump or his associates reached valuations, including deviations from generally accepted accounting principles in ways that the statements did not disclose;
  • Failed to use fundamental techniques of valuation, like discounting future revenues and expenses to their present value, or choosing as “comparables” only similar properties in order to impute valuations from public sales data;
  • Misstated the purported involvement of “outside professionals” in reaching the valuations; and
  • Failed to advise that certain valuation amounts were inflated by an undisclosed amount for brand value.

Identifying The Problem

I don't think the "souring" is it.
This is politico's take, of course, not the administration's, but it's the view of the beltway world in which three of the dumbest fucking Republicans in punditry are a Dem president's "staunchest media allies."

Oh no what will they do if they've lost Josh "My Dad, Robert, is also an asshole" Barro.

Politics is 100% vibes for Rubin and Brooks, and Barro is an incoherent glibertarian.

Morning Thread

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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