Monday, July 13, 2020

Closing Time

California is shutting things down statewide again (restaurants, etc.). Even if there was a 90% chance of opening up being fine, and 10% chance of ...well... this happening again, they should have stayed closed. The cost of delaying opening up restaurants for another couple of weeks versus the cost of... another 3 months closing them down again when the cunning plan to open doesn't work.

It was important to get it right the first time, but nobody wanted to.

3 Months

My point is 3 months is my basic guess at how long it takes for a state like Florida to go from zombie plague central to close-enough-to-normal assuming they do everything right.

And the clock to 3 months starts tomorrow. Or the day after. Not today. Maybe always tomorrow given who runs the place.

You Fucked The Whole Thing Up

Let's check in with Mick Mulvaney
Any stimulus should be directed at the root cause of our recession: dealing with Covid. I know it isn’t popular to talk about in some Republican circles, but we still have a testing problem in this country. My son was tested recently; we had to wait 5 to 7 days for results. My daughter wanted to get tested before visiting her grandparents, but was told she didn’t qualify. That is simply inexcusable at this point in the pandemic.
[weird scratching backwards music noise as we rewind time back a few months]
Ah, here we are, CPAC Feb. 28.
White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney suggested Friday that Americans ignore the media’s coverage of the coronavirus, arguing that journalists are ratcheting up fears to try to hurt President Donald Trump politically.

It's Only 3 Months Away, Starting Tomorrow

We locked down, it didn't work, "no one" thinks it's possible to lock down again, even if there's some backsliding about reopening, and somehow the schools are going to open and...

I don't know what happens if the powers that be don't do what is necessary.

Lunch Thread

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Donnie Crossed The Line This Time

There are regularly moments when Trump does something when members of official DC think that THIS IS THE MOMENT. HE HATH VIOLATED ALL SENSETH OF DECENCY SIRRAHS. Because it is elite DC and none of them care about policy that doesn't impact their wallets, these violations are generally about personality. OH NO HE CRITICIZED A TROOP. OH NO NOW HE HAS GONE AFTER AMERICA'S MOST BELOVED MAN, FAUCI. Threw a drink at the wrong person at a party. That kind of thing.

But even if that is the moment, what is supposed to happen? Somebody should do something. The celestial hall monitors or maybe the marshal of the Supreme Court are coming!

Nobody has infinite power but lots of people with some power are looking around the room waiting for somebody else to do something. Ah well nevertheless.

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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Florida Man

15,299 new cases. It doesn't just come down inevitably.

The Plan Is Fuck You And Your Children Too

Everybody dies.
(Reuters) - Education Secretary Betsy DeVos kept up the administration's push to reopen U.S. schools in the fall on Sunday, but failed to embrace any blueprint - including federal health guidelines - for how that could be done safely.

Sunday Funday

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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Saturday Night

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Happy Hour?

Afternoon Thread

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I don't know the precise answer (there isn't one precise answer) but anecdotes and various news reports suggest getting a test/test results from these hot spots is not easy and not quick.

While there's been too much focus on outdoor activities (people having fun at the park!) relative to indoor activities where the action likely really happens, I do not think it is wise for Disney World to open.

About 71,000 new cases yesterday. About 56,000 a week ago. The trend is not good, folks! At that rate, next Friday is...90,000.


Liberal fascism won't stop until every racist incel is prevented from being the head writer for a prominent news show!
New York (CNN Business)Editor's note: This article quotes racist, homophobic and sexist language, much of which has not been censored.

The top writer for Fox News host Tucker Carlson has for years been using a pseudonym to post bigoted remarks on an online forum that is a hotbed for racist, sexist, and other offensive content, CNN Business learned this week.

Morning Thread

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Friday, July 10, 2020

Friday Night

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Real Genius

It's somehow forgotten now, but back in March the whole country did basically shut down. To varying degrees and with varying local senses of urgency - ambulances were keeping people up all night NYC - but schools, for example, did shut down everywhere. It worked, almost, but then there was the MAGA uprising and the Republican (especially) politicians reopened too early and...

The point being most of these places shut down without having much of an outbreak. The dumb way to look at that is that it proves they didn't need to. The right way to look at that is that it worked. You can't wait until it's too late.
With Texas continuing to break records for new coronavirus deaths and hospitalizations this week, Gov. Greg Abbott reiterated Friday afternoon that things will continue to get worse. And if people keep flouting his new statewide mask mandate, he said, the next step could be another economic lockdown.

“Things will get worse, and let me explain why,” he told KLBK TV in Lubbock. “The deaths that we’re seeing announced today and yesterday — which are now over 100 — those are people who likely contracted COVID-19 in late May.

“The worst is yet to come as we work our way through that massive increase in people testing positive.”
Maybe the masks are enough. I don't know. But if "the worst is yet to come" with things as bad as they are... they're probably not enough. Things were as bad as they were in New York because they did wait too long.

No You Don't

Maybe I am dumb and the schools should all open but so many people talk about it like it's an unavoidable inevitability.

"Well, it's not safe to send our children into the lava pit, and yet we must."

July 10th

That My President seems unable to be aware of yesterdays or tomorrow affects the coverage of everything. By the time he gets around to something, it's too late. Going to open everything on Easter. Going to open the schools in August. Soon it will be October.

The Brain Worms Party

Trump is Trump, but just what did all of these Republican governors, who while not geniuses are not, well, Trump, expect?