Saturday, May 14, 2016


I do not get what possesses people to get so worked up about this stuff. I mean, fine, assholes and bigots, but can't you just up and keep it to yourself? It's similar to road ragers. How does that really send you around the bend? I can't stand driving, but I can't imagine losing my shit just because someone cuts me off. What victory did Payne hope to achieve here? Did he think he was going to win one for America?
Seated a few rows in front of him was a woman he had never met before. She was wearing a religious headscarf, known as a hijab, which Payne recognized as a Muslim practice. He stood up, walked down the aisle and stopped next to her seat. Looking down at the woman, Payne instructed her to remove the covering.

“Take it off! This is America!” Payne, 37, later recalled saying. When she didn’t do it herself, Payne did: He grabbed the hijab from the back and pulled it all off. Violated, the woman, identified by the Justice Department only as K.A., quickly pulled the hijab back over her head.