Saturday, July 02, 2016

Eschaton World Industries Stadium

I've never understood the whole stadium branding thing, either from the perspective of the buyers or from the teams that sell the naming rights. [Insert random bank or other corporate name here] Stadium doesn't really seem to be great branding for either, especially when the banks change hands and names every couple of years. Maybe that era is coming to an end.
Tickets to watch U.S. professional football team the Denver Broncos, the winners of the 2016 Super Bowl, may be a hot commodity, but an auction for their stadium's naming rights ended this week without any bids being received.

The stadium in Denver is called Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium, named after the eponymous sporting goods retailer in 2011. However, Sports Authority filed for bankruptcy in March and put the naming rights up for sale as part of a court-supervised auction.