Thursday, August 04, 2016

A Problem For Everyone

There's a Politico article detailing the high likelihood that Melania Trump had at least some minor immigration violations in the process of relocating here, and has been less than fully honest about her situation at all times. I don't much care about parsing the specifics because essentially everyone who has tried to move to the US has had immigration "problems" and sufficient enough violations that the right (or wrong) person in power could chuck you out if they chose to. Try getting a plane ticket/lodging/job start date/Visa all magically timed for the same date when at least one of those things (Visa) tends to appear when the little ball lands on the right number on the wheel.

Yes there's a valid "ooo big hypocrite Mr. anti-illegal mmigration orange man" angle, but I'd prefer the angle to just be "let's be realistic about what all immigrants go through." It's almost always complicated.