Friday, September 02, 2016

The Clinton Rules

I'm open to the idea that there are some problems with the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton's role as Secretary of State. Some of it's a bit unseemly in that way that the sausage factory is a bit gross, but it basically seems to fall in "this is how things work" territory as far as I can tell. Meaning, standard practices that for some reason are scandalous when they involve the Clintons. Anyway, litigating all of that is too much for this blog post to get into, but the press is desperate to come up with scandals that involve some sort of abuse of power at State in relation to the Foundation, so much so that things are scandalous even when the attempt to find a scandal, which would barely be a scandal anyway, finds nothing.

This one has the added bonus of an entirely new genre: journalists unhappy with attempts to free journalists who have been taken prisoner. When journalists in such situations are people friendly with the national press corps, they're generally ready to advocate nuclear war to free them.