Monday, May 13, 2002

Hey, guess what! Uncocal will likely build an Oil pipeline in Afghanistan, with the help of some international dollars of course.

Who woulda thunk it?
Building of the 850 kms pipeline, described by many as the new "Great Game" of the new millennium, was a serious competition issue between the American oil company UNOCAL Corp and Bridas of Argentine during the five years' rule of the Taliban regime, which the United States toppled from power as part of its war on terrorism.

Razim said UNOCAL was the "lead company" among those that would build the pipeline, which is aimed at injecting 30 billion cubic meters of Turkmen gas annually to Pakistan and beyond it through southern Afghanistan.

He said Karzai would propose during the summit the building of a road parallel to the pipeline, subsidiary pipelines to villages close to the main line and also the injection of Afghan gas from northern areas, as well as from the south-western province of Helmand for export.


The pipeline will be built using funds from donor countries for the reconstruction of Afghanistan as well as from ADB loans, Razim