Saturday, September 21, 2002

As this Charles Pierce letter to Medianews makes clear, there's more ethics in Sports Journalism (a lot more) than in Beltway journalism

Tickets from the enemy

Note to Al Hunt: 1) Nobody cares about you and your kid; 2) Click on all
the letters regarding Bob Greene and his great fall; 3) Scroll down to the story
about the Minneapolis sports telebimbette who helped the Twins; 4) Realize
that you're no better than either one of them -- well, you might be
marginally better than old Johnny Dickline, Reporter there. At least I might
be willing to shake your hand without spraying it first.

But, Jeebus Christmas, Al. Look at me! I got fight tickets from James Carville!

Carville happens to be the enemy, just as surely as Karl Rove is.
He's more fun, surely, and he happens to be the enemy with whom I agree most
of the time, but the function of people like James Carville, Paul Begala, and
that inexcusable twerp Stephanopolous is to lie to people like us. Special
favors from an ideological bagman? Do it covering the City Council in
Oconomowoc, and you're shitcanned by daybreak. Hell, Al, if nothing else,
boxing is replete with tickets to be had from far more honorable illegitimate
sources. Like, say, the Mob.