Saturday, September 21, 2002

The Bull Moose really has come around.

The Moose is a strong supporter of Iraqi regime change. But, how are we going to pay for this expanded war against terror? The Administration's in-house supply-side theologian Lawrence Lindsey told the Wall Street Journal that the war in Iraq will cost between $100 to $200 billion. Gosh, those supply-side boys really know how to round numbers! No wonder those corporations had so much difficulty with their books!

Meanwhile deficits are growing, the economy is weakening and Congress is spending like there's no tomorrow. Yet, our old buddy, Mr. Lindsey claims that the $100-$200 billion price tag amounts to "nothing."

The Moose can only exclaim," Huh"?

It is high time to repeal the Bush tax cut for the comfortable. While our brave men and women are willing to go into harm's way on the Tigris, our lame legislators are not willing to pay the price on the Potomac. The tax bill was passed at a time of peace and prosperity. While there is an argument for some growth incentives, the Bush plan is a mush of economic nonsense.