Friday, September 20, 2002

Daily Howler has the final piece which demonstrates what I was pretty sure of all along (although I probably didn't post this particular prediction so I can't really claim credit).

NOVAK (9/17/02): Mr. Choudhary, why did you blow through the toll gate on I-35 without paying a toll?

CHOUDHARY: Actually, I wasn’t the driver of the car.

NOVAK: Who was the driver?

BUTT: I was driving the car.

NOVAK: Well, why did you blow through the toll gate?

BUTT: I didn’t blow through the toll. Actually, I stopped at the toll, paid it, paid the lady. I noticed that she was very
nervous. I noticed there was a squad car almost at the corner of the toll booth waiting for us. Paid the toll, pulled out and
within about five to 10 miles, we got pulled over.

NEWKIRK: You will actually see proof of this very soon. We’ve been in conversations today, David Kabiliun, my partner in
Miami, Florida, I was in conversations with Sheriff Hunter who claims that he has copies of the tape from the toll booth, but
he just hasn’t had time to review them yet. I think we’d all like to see that tape.

It seems pretty clear that the cops got the toll booth operator to manufacture the "blew through the toll" story to give them an excuse to pull them over.