Wednesday, September 18, 2002

THE DAILY WORD -- Learn it, use it, spell it


ursine \'er-'sn\ adjective [L ursinus, fr. ursus bear - more at arctic] (ca. 1550)
1) Of or relating to a bear or the bear family (Ursidae)
2) Suggesting or characteristic of a bear

Usage example: And Dick would pop the Viagra and suck a big whiff of the official White House amyl nitrate and
don the big furry ursine costume and drop down to all fours and stagger around the room, crashing into furniture
and growling, and Lynne would stumble in, blindfolded, reeking of tequila and Crisco, on the hunt, proctology
glove moistened and at the ready.

(from SFgate's "morning fix" email).