Sunday, September 22, 2002

First Sweden, now Germany. So much for the Right's sweep of Europe.

UPDATE: Just wanted to add that some of the analysis I've seen around the 'sphere seems to be that Schroder's near-loss and loss of seats is a repudiation of "anti-Americanism." First of all, Schroder was a doomed man 'till he took his stance against Bush's Iraq policy. Think what you want about that, but it's a fact. Second, being against U.S. foreign policy is not anti-Americanism - either for me or for the Germans. There seems to be definition creep on this. While the perception of the Chomsky caricature is that his criticisms arise from a knee-jerk anti-Americanism (not really having read Chomsky I really don't have a clue), this does not mean that all criticism of U.S. foreign policy comes from America Haters. It wasn't true during the Clinton administration, and it isn't true now.

Whether or not we should care about the opinion of the German people or its politicians is a different matter. Matthew Yglesias has a few thoughts on this.