Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I do wonder why a rally supporting Fox Hunting and other Rural Stuff, which in no way was the libertarian uprising people seem to think it was (Take a way farm supports and most farms in the UK die. Period.) got so much attention 'round the 'sphere when this one didn't.

ROME (Reuters) - An estimated 300,000 people, led by film director Nanni Moretti, demonstrated in Rome on Saturday in protest against Prime Minister Silvo Berlusconi, accusing him of using his political power to evade justice.

Under banners proclaiming "Justice for all" and "No justice without democracy," the crowd filled the square in front of Rome's San Giovanni basilica, where Pope John Paul has in the past said mass for as many as 500,000 people.

Reuters cameramen and photographers at the scene estimated the crowd at least 300,000, while police said there were 100,000 and the organizers claimed more than 500,000.

The demonstration was called to oppose Berlusconi's plans to change the justice laws in a way critics say is tailor-made to help him escape trial on charges of bribing judges.