Sunday, September 22, 2002

It's been awhile since guest commentator Snotglass has had his say:

Our elected President, George W. Bush, has demonstrated his firm grasp of foreign policy by issuing his recent policy initiative that provides a sound basis for the conduct of future American diplomacy. Correcting the foolish mistakes of the failed Clinton administration that allowed terrorism to flourish and blemished the honor of America with cynical, wasteful and politically-motivated use of American power, President Bush’s bold and decisive vision for the future will ensure American security and nurture the spread of freedom and democracy throughout the world.

Honoring his solemn campaign promise to conduct American foreign affairs with humility, the President envisions American military power strong enough to take pre-emptive action against hostile states that are developing weapons of mass destruction. Coupled with the tested and proven National Missile Defense system proposed by the President, this strategy will keep the nation strong and vigilant, and ensure appropriate humility in future diplomacy.

Recent research conducted by the Hecate Institute at the Heritage Foundation demonstrated conclusively that President Kennedy’s lack of decisive action despite the clear threat presented by the Cuban Missile Crisis actually prolonged the Cold War and resulted in thirty years of costly military spending.

Independent analysis by noted geopolitical theorist Jonah Goldberg corroborates this view. “An ounce of pre-emptive action in the face of perceived pre-aggression is worth a pound of liberal world-government,” Goldberg wrote in a policy paper presented to seminar at the Skopsy Institute for Conservative Commentary. “Terrorists will be deterred from future attacks on America if we take out Iraq now. And Canada will think twice before they grab another one of our tuna boats.”

Unpatriotic Democrats in Congress should stop their obstructionist and unconstitutional opposition to the President’s clear legal executive authority to demonstrate American resolve to rid the world of the scourge of terrorism by liberating the oppressed people of Iraq. These weak-kneed sisters seem determined to pursue partisan politics, in the face of a demonstrated foreign threat, by continuing to whine about the Clinton recession (actually resolved by the President’s Waco Summit) distorting the President’s position on individual Social Security savings accounts, and demanding higher taxes for their failed social welfare policies.