Saturday, September 28, 2002

The news that Turkish police have recovered weapons-graded uranium is further evidence of the Bush administration's failed approach to national and world security. This isn't just a cheap shot - this is quite serious. The Bush administration has made sharp cuts in funds for nuclear nonproliferation programs - and has funded them way below the Clinton administration recommendations, policies we can assume president Gore would have followed. The overall spending on these programs is fairly small, but their value has been quite enormous.

This of course will be used to further bolster a case for war against Iraq, based on the usual misrepresentation of the position of war skeptics. Instapundit implies that all of us against war-as-a-first-resort will now have to admit our error in claiming that Hussein was not trying to obtain nuclear weapons. Of course, I have never seen anyone actually make that claim, but we're used to that by now.