Monday, September 23, 2002

The Next Step
Converging on the Real, with some Divergence
by Mikyl Kelly

The tragic events of September 11 transformed the discourse from one seeped in the moral relativism intrinsic in the false dichotomy of Left and Right to one built on the solid foundation of the moral absolutism and clarity of Right or Wrong. There are no longer competing perspectives, except the partisanship emanating from Democrats still stuck in the past using old language to describe the old instead of the new language necessary to describe the new which fortunately is much like the old language I once used to describe the old.

There are some who are stuck in the old, that is some who have yet to recognize, like me, that the past is past and the present is now real. However, divergent voices among the opinion making elites, who lacking their own magazine or columns in nationally read newspapers as I do, or their own television shows or radio programs as do those Right thinking among us who have converged on what is real, have nonetheless corrupted the discourse and elite opinions by spreading their divergent subversion in elite cocktail and dinner parties, to which I have not been invited. The elite thus manage to censor dissent, and I am left with no other outlet from which to shape opinion other than my nationally syndicated column and my own magazine. I worry I cannot compete with the elites and their access to elite catering companies, and the best hors d'ouerves (always enamored of the effete French and their effete words and their effete, if tasty food, and their embrace of moral ambiguity and sex), but never fear I will continue to try to get invited to these parties.

You cannot blame them from dwelling on what was once important – education, health, financial security, and happiness -- but that was the old importance, and this is now the new and the new importance which requires a new language and a new storyline which I shall craft. The old storyline embraced by Democrats is that of the powerful against the weak. While in the old time with the old language hundreds of billions in fraud and tales starving senior citizens unable to afford their medicine would have traction, this is now the new in which such concerns must be put aside as we focus like a laser beam on Osama or Saddam.

Al Gore, who constantly reinvents himself, is still stuck in his old Earth Tone ways and has not changed a bit. His concern for the little people is shared by all of the opinion making elites, but true populists like myself do not bother ourselves with such concerns. Unlike the elite opinionmakers, who did not properly mourn when Dale Urnheart died, I do not claim to speak for the concerns of the masses. As I mentioned, not being invited to the cocktail parties in which the plots of the elite are plotted and their elite opinionmaking is made, I am part of the people. I do not speak for them, as I am them and therefore my words are their words. I mean our words.

Partisan politics of the old is gone which is why it is thoroughly appropriate for me to criticize Gore here in the new using the new language. It was just the other day at a cocktail party (not one of the elite ones – The guests, including 3 Supreme Court Justices, 5 Ambassadors, 37 members of Congress, and many Captains of Industry, and I had Tex Mex and beer, not delicious French food and pretentious wine), when someone expressed a desire for Al Gore to just go away. The people have spoken, for his brand of partisanship has no place in the new.

In the new there is no place for debate, for right thinking people simply know what is right and wrong thinking people do not. It is heartening that in this time most people have come around, except some Democrats and Al Gore, and no longer try and debate me. These few divergent few, the elite opinionmakers with their lack of patriotism and unaccountable affection for fundamentalist Islam, will not be satisfied with anything less than the destruction of our country. Fortunately, the elite opinionmakers don't have their own magazine or nationally syndicated columns as I do, but this just makes it harder to monitor them as we fight for our freedoms.