Monday, September 16, 2002

Robert Musil has some fun with my posts today. Anything for hits I suppose.

"Of all the 9/11 conspiracies...?" Atrios writes as if his readers will know what this means. Could he be refering to al Qaeda? Was al Qaeda one of "the 9/11 conspiracies" on which Atrios' thoughts and private language revolve here?

Okay, change "conspiracies" to "conspiracy theories" and my words should be clear to Musil as they were to everyone else who read what I wrote. Meaning speculations about possible alternative explanations to the official one, none of which I have endorsed as the statment "of all the 9/11 conspiracies, I think the 'flight 93 was shot down' one is the most credible given available evidence (and lack of)" makes clear. Nor have I endorsed this particular one.

Maybe Atrios went out and had himself - in words he chooses to describe a woman commentator with a rather conservative Jewish viewpoint - "a good cockpunching" to his head, and these are the thoughts that filled his head in the afterglow. Maybe it was her writing in her column about her own "soon-to-be third and first-graders [who] are looking forward to starting school in a couple of weeks" that he feels justifies his helpful observation.

I suppose this is a not-so-thin-veiled accusation of anti-Semitism, laughable for a variety of reasons but most notably because I wasn't even aware that Betsy Hart was Jewish. As for the "cockpunching" comment, it was a reference to this Onion "infographic" which can be found here.

As for what I was referring to, as far as I can remember I have never actually read one of her columns and know nothing about how many children of hers are about to start attending school. But, I didn't specify what I was referring to so Musil's entitled to his fantasies. What I was talking about was her hysterical appearance on CNN during which she argued that if the 3 Florida medical student "terrorists" were unfairly treated they had no one to blame but their fellow Muslims. I'm hoping this line of reasoning isn't increasingly employed, but I suppose it was about time to start blaming something other than Clinton's Cock for all the world's ills.

As for:

Also, Atrios finds "the Lackawanna Terrroist story is a bit...thin." To Atrios it may be one of "the 9/11 conspiracies" that's not as "credible" as the "flight 93 was shot down" one.

See above.

As he explores his deepening suspicions about this "most credible" conspiracy and the need he feels for certain women who have come into his consciousness to get themselves "cockpunched", Atrios may want to remember: Haloperidol is indicated in the management of manifestations of acute and chronic psychosis, including schizophrenia and manic states. It may also be of value in the management of aggressive and agitated behavior in patients with chronic brain syndrome and mental retardation and in the symptomatic control of Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome.

Projection is a typical part of standard conservative mental illness. While Gene Expression would no doubt argue it was genetically based and therefore ripe for cure by genetic engineering, I've always assumed it was due to a lack of dates at key moments in their lives.