Monday, September 23, 2002

Seize the Fish reminds me why I roll my eyes a bit when conservatives use their newfound love for women's rights as a tool for Muslim bashing. Watch the Freepers freak in response to such an article!

Some choice quotes:

"I wish this article would at least touch on the fact that there are a lot of women who have abused their newfound freedoms by divorcing good men who have fathered their children, and then remarrying again and again. I've personally met too many guys who have a kid that they never get to see, but they sure get to pay for them. This just isn't right, and it needs to change, and soon.For the longest time it was practically automatic that when there was a divorce the children went with the mother. Perhaps we need a thirty year period where the children automatically go with the fathers? Maybe that would cool the eagerness of some of these women to dump their husbands and go looking for someone better?"

"I completely support equal rights, opportunities, and responsibilites for men and women.Are you a guy?"

"After a million years of men subduing the wild beasts, pacifying the wilderness, and creating the push-button world--women suddenly come out of hiding to win their rights.Yeah, right."

And on and on...