Thursday, March 25, 2004

Nooners lets us know that we are at war, dammit!

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Well, this is cute. First Peggy talks about how she was shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn from an insider from the Clinton administration that Clinton was a "creature of polls." So she gets in a paragraph of Clinton digs, before starting in on the 9/11 commission, about which she says this:

The hearings should not have been held for one reason: our country at this moment in history should not be focusing attention on who made mistakes and why and when...But we have a war to fight, a country to protect, and that is what should have precedence.

Exactly, Peggy, and that's why we need to know if what has been done so far has been effective or not, and make some changes if it hasn't - capice? (Hey, Wall Street Journal, supposedly, intelligent people read you - how can you let this woman continue to write for you?)