Saturday, April 10, 2004

Stupid Cliff May

How ignorant can these people be and still be given a paid platform. addition to Roosevelt's apparent post-WWII resurrection, May also flat out lies when he claims that Roosevelt's 1944 opponent, Dewey, "declined to criticize the president in regard to foreign policy during a time of war." The big part of Dewey's campaign was the claim that Roosevelt was "soft on communism." He also attacked Roosevelt's war preparations, and blamed his policies for the deaths of our troops. This stuff mostly came later in the campaign, but it was there.

God I hate these people. They're just liars.

...okay, to be fair to May (why?) Dewey's "soft on communist" stuff was more about Roosevelt letting the sneaky commies inside this country take over the country, and not precisely about foreign policy. But, the myth that Dewey didn't go after FDR at all about the war and foreign policy is just that - a myth.

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