Thursday, May 13, 2004

Happy John Kerry Thursday!

You know what to do.

And, read this article from Joe Conason:

Those bits of conventional wisdom were all embarrassingly wrong (although those who parroted them seem forever immune to embarrassment). And back then, the same correspondents who now collect anonymous insults about Mr. Kerry were also quite pessimistic about his chances.

When the Massachusetts Senator fired his campaign team last fall, The New York Times derided his decision—later hailed for turning the race around—as "a bit of scapegoating by a candidate who seems on the rocks." On New Year’s Day, just before his victories in Iowa and New Hampshire and everywhere else, The Times said Mr. Kerry "may be remembered for running the worst campaign of the year, squandering a perception by many Democrats that he was among the party’s strongest candidates."

The worst campaign indeed, except for all the others. (Only in the American political press could anyone be accused of "squandering a perception.") Since that dark assessment, Mr. Kerry has not only locked up his party’s delegates, but he has also held the largest fund-raising dinner in history and raised more money in a single quarter than any candidate ever, including our gilded President.