Friday, October 22, 2004

Messed Up in Ohio

According to the Mitakides campaign:

The voter problems have already begun, and Republicans are apparently taking this race very seriously. Absentee ballots are being mailed with the wrong Congressional race on them… leaving my race out of the ballot. The ballots are being mailed to the City of Trotwood and is heavily Democratic and not being on the ballot here is devastating. Just as important, if these are irregular ballots, it will give Ken Blackwell a reason to throw them out… affecting Kerry’s race, too. We don’t know how many went out.

The ballots are being sent with Jeff Hardenbrook’s name rather than Jane's; John Boehner is the Republican. Hardenbrook is a perennial candidate who PLANS not to raise money, and files paper FEC reports. He barely managed 29% of the vote last time. Of course, here in Ohio, we have the situation with Republican Attorney General Kenneth Blackwell seeking to disqualify any ballot cast at the wrong precinct; of course he would do the same with these, knocking out Kerry votes as well as Jane's.