Saturday, October 09, 2004

That Liberal Media II

It's bad enough that Sinclair is ordering its stations to run an anti-Kerry movie produced by a Moonie Moonie apologist, but what's really bad is the "liberal media" will be quiet about it. Imagine if, say, an owner of a bunch of NBC affiliates ordered them to run "Going Upriver" or "Fahrenheit 9/11" the night before the election. A media shitstorm of epic proportions would erupt. Aside from the screeching right wingers, Howard Kurtz would write endless columns about it. They'd trot out hundreds of employees who were outraged by the decision (under cloak of anonymity if necessary) to condemn the horrible liberal bias of their affiliate owner. There would be talk of nothing else on the cable nets all the time. WE'd hear demands for "equal time" or other such nonsense. We'd hear screeching about biasbiasbiasbiasbiasbiasbiasbiasbiasbiasbiasbiasbiasbias until the election.