Friday, November 05, 2004

Blah Blah Bad Bloggers

These stories from horrified news people about evil bloggers posting exit results are really pathetic. First of all, a major clearinghouse for exit polls on election day was the National Review Online magazine. Sure, technically "the Corner" is a blog, but it's the blog under the auspices of a major magazine and written by a gaggle of pundits who are fixtures in the rest of the media.

But, more importantly, all of the bobble heads on the cable networks and the AM radio hosts who were all day had the information, and it clearly influenced their coverage. They may not have given the actual numbers, but you could tell what was going on.

This isn't information which is closely held by a few people, it's common knowledge throughout the entire media world. Mad that the information was leaked? Find the leakers and fire them.