Tuesday, November 23, 2004

CSIS report

The Center for Strategic and International Studies has issued an updated report on progress in Iraq (the original report is here).

The CSIS evaluated the progress of the U.S. and the Iraqi provision government in six different areas and sounded a dismal note for every single one: security ("far from the tipping point"), governance ("not reached the tipping point"), economic opportunity ("overall, the U.S. efforts to improve the economic situation in Iraq have made little positive impact"), services (noting improvement in transportation, "a downward trend" for communications, fuel supplies and water services, and no noticeable change for electrical power. Sanitation also registered no change, remaining in "dire condition"), education ("not yet passed the tipping point"), and health care ("regressed considerably"). The problems mostly are attributed to the insurgency against the U.S. occupation of the country.

At some point we will have to address whether our presence in Iraq is really helping or hindering the country.

(study and graphic found via ntodd)