Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Life Transformed

Since I ceased being a blogger an hour or so ago and became the publisher/editor/chief political correspondent/cat photographer/scifi critic/media critic/missing persons expert/blogger ethics expert/janitor for an exciting new online magazine, my life has truly been transformed. I discovered, in my coupon clipping box, a deed for a 6000 sq. ft. Nantucket cabin. I've been to 17 parties hosted by the charming and delightful Sally Quinn. I've played Bridge with Nedra Pickler, and twister with Candy Crowley and Jeff Greenfield. I've convened 38 panels on blogger ethics, something I never managed to do when I was actually a blogger. My debut appearance on Meet the Press will happen this Sunday, where I will be given the opportunity to weigh in on the topics of "Bush or Christ - Who best to worship this Sunday?" and "The Democrats - Traitors or Losers or Both?"

I feel sad for the rest of the bloggers in the losersphere. See ya suckers. Oh Brit? Watch this drive!