Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Outsourcing All My Work To Big Media Matt


The idea that beltway journalists are uniquely experienced or informed about anything other than what it's like to be a beltway journalist is absurd, and of course says quite a bit about what beltway journalists actually know about the world. The Great Orange Satan hasn't just traveled outside the country fairly regularly. In fact, he wasn't even born here much of his childhood wasn't spent here. He holds an advanced degree which presumably required him to read a wee bit. I, myself, wasn't born in this country and have lived, worked, and otherwise have spent plenty of time outside of the country. I, too, have an advanced degree which required that I read a thing or two, a habit which I occasionally manage to continue. Glenn Greenwald actually lives in Brazil, and I'm reasonably sure John "knows a few languages" Aravosis has spent a moment or two outside of Lubbock, TX.

Moments like this, I just have to rerun Richard Cohen's greatest hit. Well, actually, the correction to his greatest hit:

Correction: In my column of Sept. 6 I mistakenly attributed the quotation, "Our nation is chosen by God and commissioned by history to be a model to the world" to Joseph Lieberman. In fact, the quotation was from George W. Bush.