Saturday, October 27, 2007

Clinton Rules

It is worth a bit of time for us all to remember and reacquaint ourselves with the Dumond case and associated other bits of wingnuttery. This pet issue of the wingnuts was bouncing around for years. This book was released in 1993.

Sadly, Nexis TV trancripts aren't quite as fleshed out as they are now, with mostly just descriptions of shows rather than actual transcripts. I liked these two.


LENGTH: 35 words

START: 5.36
Forrest City. Convicted rapist was released from prison today by parole.
Visual - file footage of Wayne Dumond. He was castrated during his trial. Will live with his mother.



LENGTH: 26 words

START: 06.30
Wayne Dumond Rapist Wayne Dumond released from AR jail on parole, castrated while in jail by prisoners.
Visual - inmate.
END: 06.58

Neither is even what Dumond claimed. Earlier news reports talk about exonerating DNA evidence. Which didn't exist. I hope Mancow is haunted by the ghost of the woman Dumond killed after leaving prison.

Mancow in the Morning


LENGTH: 38 words

START: 23.48
The Truth. Rant about man Wayne Dumond (sp) accused of raping Clinton's cousin, man was innocent but was sentenced, two masked men burst into home and castrated Dumond before serving sentence.
END: 25.55

EventheliberalVillage Voice made it an issue. Wonder where Ward Harkavy is now.