Monday, April 27, 2009

Even More Car Share

Former PCS employee gives his take. As I said, as a customer, I, personally, have been satisfied and never had the complaints that I've seen many make, which is not to suggest that the complaints of others aren't valid. Not having any knowledge of their expenses/revenue/financial situation I can't comment on that. The too-frequent rate changes haven't really bothered me, though as Albert says they did suggest a company unsure of just what the hell it was doing. While an operation like theirs can't function solely on customer goodwill, I also think that customer goodwill is very important for a car sharing program. You can't always rely on people to behave appropriately just because they're good citizens, but fostering a climate where more people feel inclined to behave well can definitely reduce problems, and since their accelerated expansion they haven't been very good that.