Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who's Your Daddy Now?

A few days ago Maureen Dowd pined for a strong daddy in the White House, one which would check under our beds for any terrorists.

But it seems that the majority of Americans approve of Obama's handling of terrorism:

Addressing the popular meme that Barack Obama is weak on national security and should act more like America's daddy, Greg Sargent pointed out yesterday that polls on the subject show precisely the reverse sentiment from the American people:

We now have enough polls to call BS on this. Today's Gallup poll finds Obama's rating on terror has actually inched up since the foiled plot. Today's Quinnipiac poll says that 66% view Obama as a "strong leader." Yesterday's CNN poll found that 64% like Obama's personality and leadership qualities.

Yesterday's CBS poll found that 57% approve of Obama on terrorism. Still another poll found that 65% have confidence that Obama will protect them from terror. Is that enough yet?

Just in case it's not enough, Pew released a poll today showing that Obama's ratings on dealing with terrorism are higher than on any other single issue at 51 percent. So can we definitively say that the torture wing of the GOP's assault on the president has been a complete failure?

Could it be that this country is finally growing up?