Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kids Don't Require A Car

One pushback I often get about cars is that one might get by without them if you don't have kids, but kids necessitate ownership. I really have no idea why that's true. Obviously in much of the country cars are pretty damn close to being necessary, but in places where they aren't for at least the people with the right commuting circumstances, I don't get why having kids makes it any more difficult.

Shopping seems to be the big issue people raise - that it's too difficult to carry sufficient groceries home. But we do have this magical thing called "delivery" which is free or cheap that one can use to buy bulk goods or whatever.

I get that the very specific details of people's lives are going impact whether being without a car is realistic and desirable. I'm just objecting to the blanket notion that having a child suddenly makes being carless unrealistic.

Also, too, don't care if you own a car.