Monday, January 27, 2014

CoT: Galactic Ridiculousness

Also McJoan and RJ Eskow

From the translation:
Gregory: welcome Mr Chertoff –
how can we get Ed Snowden back to America?
Chertoff: how the hell should I know Fluffy?
Gregory: is it irresponsible to call him a spy?
Chertoff: well now that depends
on if he is a spy
Gregory: hmmm interesting point
Gregory: some people like Snowden
and some don't
Chertoff: I don't like him and I don't like you
Gregory: his lawyers say he's
been punished enough
Chertoff: he's free in Russia and
regaling the world – he's not being punished 
Gregory: can he get a fair trial? 
Chertoff: of course he can
Gregory: I suppose so
Chertoff: but he would be found guilty