Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Even In The Urban Hellhole

Not that I support it, but I get that in places where few people walk, sidewalk clearing isn't a priority, but here in the urban hellhole, everybody walks. I don't mean that nobody drives, or takes the bus, but for the most part people aren't being dumped doorfront out of their vehicles. Even people who drive everywhere end up walking for a bit.

People and businesses are responsible for clearing their sidewalks. Even if 80% of people are "good neighbors," that leaves quite a few stretches of icy sidewalk. In theory there's a fine for noncompliance, but it's rarely levied. And with plenty of abandoned buildings and vacant lots, that fine isn't too likely to reach the owner.

Usually I'm a good neighbor, though the shortage of ice melting chemicals has made that a bit harder. Without salt, a melt and freeze means a solid sheet that's difficult to shovel.