Thursday, February 13, 2014

Parking Wars

Even when I was a suburban teen driver I didn't understand the obsession with finding that parking spot that was THIRTY FEET CLOSER to the store. I mean, jeebus, who cares. And, yes, of course there are people with visible and invisible disabilities for whom that 30 feet matters, but simply having children really doesn't qualify you for that.

The suburban supermarket parking lot is obviously a different beast, but the need to have free parking 15 feet away is standard here in the urban hellhole, too. There are a couple of parking districts where it is genuinely a pain in the ass to find parking, especially at certain times, but most of the urban hellhole just isn't that crowded. Decades of population decline will do that. I'm a weirdo so when I walk around I take notice, and there are always spaces around in most areas. Yes, again, there are a couple of parking districts where at certain times there are too many visitors competing with residents for parking, but that isn't true for most residential neighborhoods. It just isn't that hard to find a place to park in most areas.