Friday, March 21, 2014

Somebody On The Internet Is Wrong

This basic belief is so common... and it's wrong.
Driver pay for almost all transportation infrastructure in this country including transit through the gas tax. That's why I support raising the gas tax to improve our infrastructure. It's a perfect tax, ecept for the fact that public transit gets a free ride on those tax payers (drivers) who by definition don't use transit. Raise the gas gas tax, but only after leagally mandating gas tax funds go to roads and bridges. Transit should come from rider fares, property taxes, and general funds.

Even if we pretend that state and federal gas taxes cover all federal and state road expenditures, the rest of the road system isn't. Your local pothole filling authority is financed through property tax mostly, as is your winter weather road problem alleviation authority. Buses tend to ride down local roads, so the idea that bus riders don't contribute to the streets they use is ridiculous.

Obviously people will differ on what priorities should be, but many drivers have convinced themselves that their gas taxes pay for roads, therefore they're somehow "unsubsidized." It just isn't true.