Monday, March 31, 2014

Where Do Youse Live

I get a bit cranky about the whole concept of "gentrification," or at least most of the fretting about it. Yes I think it's sad when (especially poor) people get displaced by what we call "market forces." Yes I'm horrified by variations of "slum clearing" public policies which actively seek to displace people. And, most of all, I'm disgusted by the fact that better public services follow the arrival of money to neighborhoods, when in theory the quality of public services should be pretty uniform across a given municipality (at least).

But lots of people who fret about "gentrification"* publicly are either new arrivals to a supposedly gentrifying neighborhood, otherwise known as "gentrifiers," or people pontificating in the abstract from their exclusionary zoning enclaves where poor people have been assumed away.

*I put it in quotes because it isn't a very well-defined term.