Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Free Labor Sportsball Season Ends, New One Starts Soon

I don't want to be the overly sanctimonious lefty who is always telling you to boycott this or that or to refrain from economic activities which I, personally, find it easy to avoid but you don't (some people misinterpret, but I really don't lecture on things like driving). But I am increasingly mystified by liberals who alternate posts about college sports with their hatred of the exploitation of the NCAA. Stop watching! It's the least you can do! And unlike most boycotts, the negative impacts on the actual workers are negligible because the workers don't get paid anyway.

Nobody gives a shit about your bracket, your fantasy football team, or your office betting pool. Just let it go. There's plenty of other professional sportsball leagues. They aren't perfect, either, but at least the minimum salaries aren't so bad.