Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Parking Neutral

That it happened is great, but that it took so long and that probably the only way it actually got through was that it didn't reduce neighborhood parking by a single spot is kind of sad.

It isn't that I don't think neighborhood parking concerns are legitimate, it's that I don't think the parking above all crowd usually knows what it's doing. Though it finally changed, for years they loved curb cuts and garages on new development because they had "parking." Of course, they achieved this by by subtracting one public spot to create one private one. Forcing new tenants to purchase/rent spots just attracts the kind of household which will certainly have one - and likely more! - cars. Creating nice pedestrian spaces attracts...pedestrians!

If they knew what they were doing they'd get behind significantly increasing parking permit rates, at least for any household with more than one car. Though, I guess, a lot of these people are in the "4 car household" crowd. The problem.