Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Other People, Other Places

One problem we have is that people in this country don't travel to other countries, and even if they do they do the "resort/tourist bus" version of travel, which turns other countries into playgrounds or open air museums. No need to notice that other people actually, you know, live there.

There are some obvious and inescapable reasons for that. Lots people don't have any damn money. Other countries are, for the most part, pretty far away and inconvenient to get to. But it is a shame that too many people who do actually have the means and time to travel don't, or if they do they don't stray too far from the tourist track.

I don't mean this in some sort of high culture sense, like "people should watch more opera!" or "people should read more great books!". I mean it in the sense that there is a lack of understanding that people actually live in other countries and societies that are a bit different, but they still (in some places) have perfectly lovely lives.