Monday, August 24, 2015

Traveling Bar

I like wine. I've had a few sips of expensive wine in my life. I'm all for snooty wine fans enjoying their hobby. And I get that wine tastings aren't about getting shitfaced any more than having a nice bottle of wine with a meal is about getting shitfaced, but let's not pretend that drinking booze is not about drinking booze, no matter how fancy it is. The wine train is the wine train. People are going to drink and do what people who drink (ideally) do. Have fun!

According to Johnson, one of the women in the same car told the group “this isn’t a bar.”

“And we though, um, yes it is,” Johnson said.

What came next, she said, was the worst part of the afternoon. When the train pulled into the St. Helena station, the group had to do the “walk of shame” as they were escorted past passengers on the six other cars, Johnson said. At the station, the group was met by officers from the Napa Valley Railroad and St. Helena police departments.

Yes it is. It's a bar.