Wednesday, October 07, 2015

It's The Most Funstravaganza Time Of The Year!

Thanks to all who have contributed so far! As I always say, no need, no guilt. If your piggy bank isn't exactly full then reserve those quarters for the piggy bank. I have a wonderful job, though it is actually a lot more work than most people think. Jacking into the matrix most of the time is actually work. Sure it's the kind of work that's a hobby for many, but it's "work" in the sense that I can't really ever let it go. It's what I do. I've resisted putting up annoying ads for the most part, even though they're probably more lucrative. Still the best way to "give" money is to click on one of the amazon ads before you purchase stuff you were going to purchase anyway. A few less bucks for Jeff, a few more for me.