Friday, October 09, 2015

Wanker of the Day

I mostly stopped doing the "wanker of the day" because too often it seemed to trivialize things. Candidates for that prestigious prize generally deserve worse, and thus "worst humans" was born.

Still it's probably an appropriate award for David Cameron.
You can understand why Cameron believed this – because Jeremy Corbyn said it was a tragedy Bin Laden wasn’t put on trial, and then said, “The attack on the World Trade Centre was a tragedy.” And when you read between the lines of that sentence, it obviously means “the attack on the World Trade Centre wasn’t a tragedy in the slightest”.

This is a marvellous technique, to pretend your opponent said the complete opposite of what they actually said, and then get angry about the words they didn’t say. Corbyn could retaliate now by saying, “The Prime Minister said the Battle of the Somme was a bloody good giggle. Well, it’s not so funny if your great-grandad was run over by a tank. He also said nothing makes him laugh so much as gangland knife crime. But I for one will never shank anyone.”