Friday, October 09, 2015

We Hate The Women We Love

I suppose I went through a misogyny/misandry phase once in my life. Hey, we all have our bad moments. But I recognized it for what it was. I knew the problem was me, not other people. Other people - strangers - don't owe you anything. If you want to have other people in your life instead of being a recluse, a perfectly respectable option, you gotta figure out what you bring to the table. The internet has provided a support group for awkward men who can't get dates, telling them that it's them, not you. No, really, it's you. None of us are perfect, but none of us have an obligation to be perfect to random strangers. No one can transform themselves into [insert sexy charmy hottie name here] overnight, but we can call improve. Take a step. Also, too, don't kill people.