Wednesday, November 11, 2015

If Only More German Children Had Been Like My Boy, There Would Not Have Been A Holocaust

Well okay then.
Obedience is not always a desirable behavior for which to strive. An extreme example in history is what happened (or failed to happen) to the conscience of the German nation during the Holocaust. In 1934, during a speech to a group of young people, Hitler stated, “We want this people to be obedient and you must practice obedience.” According to psychologist Alice Miller, all the leading figures of the Third Reich were trained to be obedient from childhood, raised in families where “obedience [was] their primary rule of conduct.” What followed, the blind obedience to a tyrannical leader, the collective loss of an inner moral code, and the extinguishing of millions of innocent lives, haunts us all today.

I'm certainly not one who thinks "obedience" should be a high priority for parenting, especially as they age, but when you have to go to Hitler to make your case...