Monday, November 02, 2015


The Labour party is “in the shit” and risks turning into a sect, the former shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt has reportedly told students at Cambridge University.

Speaking to the university’s Labour club at an event entitled Principles, Politics and Pathway to Power, Hunt said: “My fear is algorithmic politics [where because] everyone shares the same views as you on social media and in your social circles you become a sect rather than a party.”

According to the Cambridge University student newspaper Varsity, Hunt told students: “You are the top 1%. The Labour party is in the shit. It is your job and your responsibility to take leadership going forward.” A spokesperson for Hunt stressed that his comments specifically referred to the party’s defeat in the general election.

That general election where the party leader was, also, a member of the OxBridge "top 1%" and run by people like Tristram Hunt - also, too, OxBridge - who apparently drove it into the shit.