Saturday, February 06, 2016

What About Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben, and Craig

This is silly.
Politico’s Jack Shafer wrote Friday that it is “time for Chelsea Clinton’s easy ride to end.” The former — and perhaps future — first daughter turns 36 this month, is vice chair of the Clinton Foundation and a board member of IAC, and is active in her mother’s White House campaign. She’s not a kid anymore. And she’s most definitely a public figure.

It's not that I think Chelsea Clinton should be immune from press coverage, but the news angle is what exactly? INVESTIGATE HER BECAUSE! If there's some actual news story, publish it, but the idea that Chelsea Clinton must be scrutinized because she's a Clinton is ridiculous. Mitt's brood never had any scrutiny, and I don't know why they necessarily should have, even though they (or 4 of them at least? I can't remember) were constant campaign surrogates.

It just sounds like "the press should write stories about Chelsea Clinton for the sake of writing stories about Chelsea Clinton." Clinton rules journalism.