Thursday, March 17, 2016

Remember When We Used To Talk About Religion And Politics?

You know, how Democrats needed to learn to use Evangelical code words to win elections? That this advice came from paid consultants who were self-described Evangelicals always seemed a bit gross to me, but whatever.

I'm not sure exactly what 2005 me said about this. I supposed I could look it up in the archives! But time traveling me going back to 2005 would say this: the religion/politics connection is just another flavor of tribalism. Republicanism is highly tribal. You aren't going to win those people over (not all religious people, I mean religious people who are tribal Repuublicans) by mouthing a few code words. You might (might!) win them over by promising them nice things that will improve their lives.

Most religious people aren't very religious. It's just their tribe.