Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Why Don't You Put Me On TV Instead Of Putting Me In Jail?

Good plan.

Judge Roxanne Covington will hear a resentencing motion next week for Kathryn Knott, the Bucks County woman convicted of simple assault and related charges in the 2014 beating of a gay couple in Center City.


"She's learned that words and actions have a much more far-reaching impact and effect than she ever thought possible," Brennan said. "She learned that your life can change on a dime. I think, rather than warehouse her in jail for a few months and that be the end of it, perhaps some community service or a public service announcement might be more proactive and productive in addressing the larger issues that this case dealt with."

The other perps took the plea deal and got... community service. No PSAs as far as I know.